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For the homestead prop, see Jukebox.


The Jukebox is an item that allows the music track that plays in the player's homestead to be changed.


The remaining time for the jukebox.

In order to access it, the player must first build a Jukebox (of any type) on their homestead, then activate it by using one of the following:

The remaining time of use of the Jukebox will be indicated in the Homestead information window, and the track chosen will scroll on the homestead information window.

  • The Jukebox Coupons may be used as long as there are fewer than 30 days remaining.
    • The coupons may be used to have a higher remaining day count than 30 days, however.
      • For example, if there are 27 days remaining on the Jukebox, the player may be able to use a 30-day coupon to bring the remaining amount of days to 57.

Tracks are randomly unlocked by completing Generation Replays and opening the corresponding C1 Replay Reward Box.png Replay Reward Boxes.

  • You will not obtain the same track twice.
  • Tracks are unlocked individually per character.
    • The track An Old Tale from Grandma (ver 10th) will be unlocked by default.
  • If the Jukebox is removed, the remaining time will be taken away as well and the music track will return to the default.
    • Putting the Jukebox back on the Homestead will recover the remaining time, but the track must be chosen once again.


  • Tracks never used in the North American servers are still shown in the Jukebox.
    • This is the case for the Arcana Version of An Old Tale from Grandma.
  • The track 'Soft Sunshine' mistakenly plays a different track; it instead uses the Dungeon Fighter Online login track, characterSelect, used in a crossover event overseas.


  • Some track names are inconsistent with previous released content and translations.
  • Some track names mention what they are affiliated with, some do not.

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