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Generation Replay

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The Storyline selection window.

Generation Replay is the feature that allows players to replay Mainstream Quests for a small cost.

  • In order to acess the Generation Replay, the player must bring up the Storyline interface.


  • Only the following chapters may be replayed:
  • All generations within those chapters must be complete in order to be replayed.
    • For example, to replay G1, you must clear all of G1, G2, and G3 to complete Chapter 1 first.
    • For Saga, you must have completed the corresponding episode first in order to replay it.
  • You must click on the generation part you wish to replay in the interface.
    • The interface will list accordingly:
      • The corresponding quests relative to that segment of the generation
      • A short summary of the story
      • Where to start this segment


  • Replays can be started by spending Gold.
    • 3,000 Gold for Chapter 1
    • 5,000 Gold for Chapter 5
  • The replay is specific to each story part in the Storyline menu.
  • When undergoing a generation replay, the quests relative to it will go under a 'replay' tab in the quest window with a corresponding icon Chapter Replay Icon.png. Chapter 7 Replay Icon.png

Instant Clear and Forfeiting a Replay

  • You can complete a Replay by immediately spending 50,000 gold, 1 Pon, or 1 Instant Replay Completion Ticket to receive a Reward Box.
    • Instant clears do not count towards the “Completed Replays” completion count for the Title and Journal Achievements.
  • While undergoing a Replay, you can Forfeit Replay.
    • Forfeiting a replay will not refund the initial Gold spent to start the replay.
    • The forfeited Replay will still count towards the daily number of allowed Replays.
    • Replays can be stopped, or forfeited, by going back into the Storyline menu and making the same selection to bring up the option to stop the replay.

Chapter 5

  • Saga does not have instant completion.
  • You can stop a replay one time per real-life day.

Chapter 6 and 7

  • Replays require you to play generations in order.
    • For instance, you must replay each part of Generation 19 in order.
    • You can replay different generations at the same time.
    • If you forfeit the Replay, all progress will be reset and you will have to restart from part 1 of that generation.


  • Only 7 stories per day per character can be replayed, and only one story can be replayed at a time.
  • The daily replay count is reset at 7:00 AM Pacific.

Chapter 5

  • The Saga Episodes may be done in any order, but only one at a time may be attempted. Only one replay may be done per day?

Chapters 6 & 7

  • When undergoing a replay, the NPCs whose fixed location is dependent on generation clear will disappear.

Replay Rewards


  • You can check the total number of replay completions for your character in the Storyline > Replay Rewards section of the Storyline Generation Info window.
    • Regardless of the selected story, the total number of replays completed by your character is displayed in this section.
  • For Chapters that reward a title based on your actions taken through the storyline, if you choose to replay the generation through instant replay, you may obtain any of the titles upon finishing the replay.
    • In this fashion, you can keep replaying a specific generation until you get the titles you are missing.

Chapter 5

  • Saga I and II offer AP rewards for each episode completed, once per episode. It also has daily bonuses for repeating an episode. See Saga for more information.
  • You will receieve one Perseus pet per completion of Saga: Iria, per character on the account.
    • This can be done as many times as you have of characters on your account.
    • There are no such pet rewards for Saga II, only AP.


  • The replay limit during Masterpiece season 1 was 5 replays per real-life day.