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King Hamlet

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Portrait of King Hamlet
King Hamlet
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Former King of Denmark
Location Globe Theatre (Denmark)


King Hamlet, also known as Hamlet the First, is the original King of Denmark. He is a husband of Gertrude, older brother of Claudius, and the father of Prince Hamlet. He plays a major role in Hamlet.

The prologue states him as a "valiant king who was victorious in many battles." He also brought Denmark to an era of peace.

King Hamlet was killed by his brother, Claudius, who put poison in his ear while he was sleeping. The poison put King Hamlet's body in shock, which killed him. As of now, his ghost roams Denmark. Eventually the ghost meets his son, Prince Hamlet, and King Hamlet convinces him to kill Claudius in order to avenge him.

Story of Hamlet

Act 1 Scene 1

Outside of the Castle on Denmark, many Guards at post have seen King Hamlet.

Act 1 Scene 4

Horatio, who is standing guard, speaks to an approaching Hamlet saying that he had seen King Hamlet as well, who Prince Hamlet think is strange. They all agree to wait for the ghost.

As the ghost appears, Hamlet tries to heed its beckoning. However, Horatio tries to stop him, suggesting that the ghost might draw him into some sort of madness. Until the Grim Reaper appears, Hamlet is released to follow the ghost.

Hamlet stalks the wandering King Hamlet. Eventually, the two meet face-to-face. King Hamlet, who warns his son that he will be enraged at his story, tells him the tragedy of how he died. He then pleads his son to avenge him, in which he agrees.

Hamlet returns to Horatio and proceeds to tell him what he saw, but makes him swear not to tell anyone.

Throughout many acts/scenes, Hamlet has gone under a sort of "madness" which raises suspicions of everyone. He eventually ponders whether the ghost is telling him the truth.

Be not frightened,

Oh beloved son.
I am thy father's spirit.
If thou didst ever thy dear father love,

Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder!

Act 3 Scene 1

Hamlet puts on a play entitled The Murder of Gonzago which re-enacts how King Hamlet died. He orders his subordinates to foresee Claudius's reactions to the play.

When Claudius abruptly rises and leaves, Hamlet sees this as proof of guilt, saying he'll "take the ghost's word for a thousand pound."

Act 5 Scene 2

King Hamlet is finally avenged by his son who kills Claudius by stabbing him with an incensed blade and forcing poisoned wine down his throat.


  • His first name in the in-game version of Hamlet was not mentioned, however he is known as Hamlet in the original story.
  • The poison used to poison King Hamlet was Hebona poison. This is not mentioned in the in-game version of the story, but only in the original version in Act 1 Scene 4.
  • In the original story of Act 3 Scene 3, King Hamlet had appealed to Hamlet, telling him to be gentle to Gertrude but reminds his son to kill Claudius. Gertrude, who could not see nor hear the ghost, sees this as more evidence of Hamlet's madness.