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Ladeca (Homestead)

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Homestead Kit.png
1 × 1
Building preview of Ladeca (Homestead) How Ladeca (Homestead) appears at night
Stack: ? Appearance (Day) Appearance (Night)

A miniature version of Ladeca that shines in the night sky. Go up with a friend every now and then for those special, relaxing times.

Slightly increases production success rate at nearby Spinning Wheels and Looms.

Ladeca can be placed on a Homestead. It is not an object, and is just for decoration.

When sitting atop Ladeca, your recovery rate is the equivalent of Rank Novice Rest. You will also be able to share food when sitting atop Ladeca with someone else, although unlike with Campfire, this would only extend to one person.

You may have a Ladeca and an Eweca present at the same time.

For more Homestead items, see Category:Homestead Items or the Homestead page.


Cannot be painted.
Limited to 1 per Homestead.


Icon Name Level Pons Homestead
Extra Materials Build
Removal Cost
Rebuild Cost
Restrictions Effects
Ladeca (Homestead)
3 × 9
Ladeca (Homestead)
11100 80100 99100 24h100 2,000100 ?100 5,500100 -100 -