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Homestead Stone (Item)

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For the Homestead prop, see Homestead Stone (Homestead).


Inventory icon of Homestead Stone (Item)

1 × 1
Stack: 50,000

Stone containing the power of Danu, the goddess of earth. It's needed for farm development. Can be collected on the farm once per day.

General Information

A homestead stone on the floor.
  • If you have reached your limit of stones and still have stones to collect, it will be dropped onto the floor. You may not collect these stones until you have sufficient space. If you leave the homestead without collecting these stones, they will disappear.
  • Like normal items, Homestead Stones will disappear with time, regardless of you whether or not you leave your homestead.


For the event item, see Homestead Stone Fragment (Event).
  • Homestead Stones Fragments are used for Homestead maintenance costs.
    • Each stone is equal to 10 fragments.
    • Fragments only add to the cost when there is more than half a stone worth.
  • Homestead Stone Fragments have no physical form and never exist on their own.

Methods to Obtain

Used In