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Ladeca Fishing Event (2011)

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October 13th, 2011 - October 26th, 2011


As you cast your line into the waters of Erinn, you may notice the slight shimmer of Ladeca in the water's surface. It isn't a trick of the eye! A shadow of Ladeca has fallen from the sky, and if you can fish up an Ladeca Shadow, you're one step closer to creating an item infused with the power of Ladeca!

During the duration of the event, players can find a Shadow of Ladeca while fishing. With a Shadow of Ladeca, players may use the Handicraft skill in order to create Ladeca Short Swords, Ladeca Shields, Ladeca Helms, and Ladeca Wands. They can also be upgraded an additional time using the Blacksmith skill at the nearest anvil.

Hurry on over to the nearest body of water and get on fishing, for this event is only a week long![1]


  • All handicrafted items are unrepairable.
  • You can craft upgraded and repairable versions of these items by using the blacksmith manual bought from Fleta. Each manual costs 12,000g and is sold under the Event tab.
    • Each try completes 99.9% and requires the handicraft item and a Shadow of Ladeca. The finishing item for each blacksmithed item is a Shadow of Ladeca. This totals to at least three Shadows of Ladeca are needed to make a single upgraded Ladeca item.
      • Although the event items, when attempt to blacksmith, says it has a 99.9% completion, it is possible to complete less than 99.9% and you will need to get more materials.
    • All blacksmithed items are subject to blacksmith grades and any blacksmithing rank bonuses.
  • The upgraded Ladeca Shield will always be about 50 cm in size regardless of the shield you used to make it.
  • All of these items can be repaired by Fleta.