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Portrait of FletaFile:Fleta.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Wandering Saleswoman
Location Sen Mag Prairie
(9:00 am - 11:00am)
(3:00 pm - 5:00 pm)
(7:00 pm - 9:00 pm)
Repair Magical Equipment Repairs, 98%
Track Post-Meal Rawr
My name is Fleta. I come out here when I get bored.




A petite girl wearing a brown dress, with straight blonde hair flowing down.
There is not a hint of smile on her small lips,
and her big, deep eyes stare straight this way without even a slight hesitation.

Fleta likes to go out to Sen Mag Prairie because of the peace and quiet the area has. She has a refined taste for high class items, shown when you talk to her about foods or general items. She never went to school, but is quite intelligent on most subjects. She doesn't like talking much about other subjects, and so not much is known about her. It is revealed by her speech and actions during quests that Fleta is a talented magic user and appears to be familiar with the people and merchants in both Emain Macha and Dunbarton. She is also Tin's aunt. She creates the magic clothes she sells.

She has a faithful Labrador Retriever named Rab.


She can appear up to 25 (in-game) minutes later than the times quoted above. If she appears later then she will also disappear later. A bright flash of light indicates that Fleta has either arrived or left.

Because of her tendency to walk, she may not be in exactly the same position on every channel and in some cases may be quite far from the crossroads.

  • It is recommended to use the NPC Search function from mini map to locate her by searching for name. Her spawn location is set back to the central crossroad after a patch or maintenance.
  • Since Rab always appears with her, if he is seen, then the player knows Fleta is nearby.





  • Fleta's wares are mostly made up of equipment and manuals that cannot be bought anywhere else.
    • Note that unlike most NPC Shops, the colors of the equipment Fleta's sells will change between channels.
  • On Alban Heruin (Wednesdays), the daily effect of a 5% reduction to NPCs' shop prices will apply.


Regular Weather

Rainy Weather


Track Title
Post-Meal Rawr
Speaking to Fleta


  • The name of Fleta's theme music refers to the fact that she only appears after a meal time.
  • Being Tin's aunt, there are good chances that Fleta is also a milletian, although this is never confirmed.
  • Speaking to Eochaid with Nearby Rumors sometimes has him mention rumors of 'a girl with a dog on the Sen Mag Plains' actually being a fairy.
  • Fleta likes Gift Rings as gifts.
  • When it rains, Fleta will wear a yellow Trudy's Rain Robe (an item she sells).
    • During the 2011 Christmas Event Fleta wore this attire while it was snowing.
    • If there is a Thunderstorm, Fleta will wear the hood up.