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Portrait of LeslieFile:Leslie.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Bank Manager
Location Sen Mag Residential Town

Track Sentimental Reason
Who, me? Ahh, my name is Leslie.




A young man with neat brown hair and deep-set ocean blue eyes slyly looks my way, without looking straight into my eyes. While he speaks with a barely audible, soft voice I notice his expensive-looking white-collared, blue shirt.

Leslie is the clerk of the Sen Mag Residential Town branch of Erskin Bank, the largest financial institution in Erinn.

He offers typical banking services, and also provides housing services for residents of the town, such as hiring Brownie elves.


Newly married, he was recently transferred to Sen Mag Residential Town to manage the branch there leaving his wife, Elsie, behind. He misses her dearly.



Generation 4
How to Get Quest

Repeatedly speak to Leslie with the Nearby Rumors and Private Story keywords until he speaks about a dragon.

Briefing This is a hidden quest. It does not appear in the Quest Log.
  • Go to the Dunbarton Library and interact with the shelves to find the Book Legend of a Land Unknown. You will obtain the keyword "A Mysterious Land".
  • Use the newly acquired keyword on Tarlach. You will obtain the "How to get on the Boat" keyword.
    • The 'Wait until nighttime' instance of Tarlach will not allow you to obtain the keyword.
  • Use the keyword on Worker NPCs outside of the entrances to Morva Aisle.
    • As the workers were removed in an update, this part of the quest is impossible to complete to this day.
Rewards Nothing.



Track Title
Sentimental Reason
Speaking to Leslie


  • His wife's name is Elsie. However, it is unlikely to be the same Elsie in Baltane.