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Lunar Fortune Event

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February 18, 2015 - March 17, 2015


The Fortune-teller

Meet Fortune-teller Sulhee in Dunbarton's town square to obtain your very own Fortune Board. With this item in your inventory, you'll earn a Fortune Fee every 30 minutes you're logged into the game.

Use two Fortune Fees to spin your Fortune Board! Better fortunes award better prizes, a "Good" or "Fortune" spin could award you a coveted Rainbow Sheep Jumpsuit, Rainbow Sheep Boots, or Rainbow Sheep Gloves in the many colors of the rainbow, as well as Skill EXP Potions, various Dungeon Passes, and various other event prizes.[1]


  • Upon logging in, you will receive the quest, A Very Fortunate 2015.
  • Talk to Fortune-teller Sulhee, who is located in the Dunbarton Square.
  • Select the option Get Fortune Board to receive a Fortune Board.
  • To spin the wheel, use the Fortune Board and click Reveal Fortune.
    • You require 2 Fortune Fees to spin the wheel.
    • A Fortune Fee is obtained every 30 minutes that the player is logged in real-time.
      • Fortune Fees will be obtained even if the Fortune Board is destroyed.
  • Unlike most events, all the Skill EXP Potions have no time limit, but cannot be stacked.


A Very Fortunate 2015
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Lunar Fortune Event.

Briefing Get a Fortune Board from Sulhee in Dunbarton to learn about your New Year.
  • 50000 Experience Points


One of the following rewards is awarded on every spin of the board along with one Fortune Board Title Piece corresponding to the fortune spin obtained.

Fortune Pouch (Disaster)

Fortune Pouch (Bad)

Fortune Pouch (Good)

Fortune Pouch (Fortune)