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Ferghus's Free Repair Coupon

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2 × 1

Take this coupon to Ferghus and he will give you a free repair. This coupon can only be used once, but the benefits certainly outweigh the cost!

NOTE: Repair odds Do Not Change

  • A somewhat satirical gift from Ferghus during the April Fool's Event. It is a coupon for a free repair from Ferghus, well known as the worst blacksmith in Erinn.
  • As stated Ferghus doesn't charge for a successful repair (and won't charge for unsuccessful repairs anyway).
  • The coupon disappears after a single repair is completed, whether the single repair chosen is a "1 Point Repair" or a "Perfect Repair."
  • Resell Value is 0g. An NPC will offer 50g but attempting to complete the sale results in the following message "This item cannot be sold at the shop." and the sale cannot be completed.
  • Can be stored in the bank (deposit fee is 2g) and can be dropped, Also burned for 52 exp.


Cannot be stored on pets.
Cannot be traded.

Ferghus' Comments When Using the Coupon

  • Choose to have Ferghus do some repairs and he states the following;
    • Well, well, well. You have one of my Free Repair coupons. Great! What would you like to have repaired? I'll do it for free, as promised.
  • If the repair is successful for a "1 Point Repair" (attempts to repair a single point of durability) then Ferghus will state;
    • There you go! The durability's been raised by 1 point. The repair's complete now. How do you like the fact that I'm doing such a flawless job on the repair even though it's free? Doesn't it just warm your heart? Hahaha...
  • If the repair is successful for a "Perfect Repair" (attempts to repair durability to its maximum number of points) then Ferghus will state;
    • Alrighty! The repair's done. I have to say my work is flawless, even though I'm doing it for free! Hahaha...
  • If the repair is not entirely successful for a "Perfect Repair";
    • The repair's done. Unfortunately, x errors were made. I'm sorry, but I could only repair n point(s). You can't complain, though. You get what you pay for! Hahaha...

Methods to Obtain