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General Info

Wedding at Emain Macha Cathedral
Wedding at Filia Wedding Hall
Wedding at Vales City Hall
Human or Elf couples exchanging their wedding rings
A Giant couple exchanging their wedding rings
  • Marriage is a system where two players may be coordinately wed together. Marriage can be initiated inside Emain Macha's Cathedral, Filia's Wedding Hall, or behind Vales's City Hall by speaking to the Wedding Coordinator. The wedding may be held at any of these locations regardless of race.
  • As of Sept. 5, 2023. Engagement and Weddings between Elves and Giants can now be held.
  • Erinn allows for Hetero and Homogenous marriages. If both characters are the same gender, the one who proposes will be the "bride" for the wedding animations and the Family tree when a family is started. Keep this in mind if you want any specific character order.
    • It is also possible to rebirth to the opposite gender while married.
  • Marriage is required to start a Family.
  • Married couples will receive little heart effects when performing a Freestyle Jam near their spouse.

Steps to Getting Married

  1. Have both players to be married in the same party.
  2. Both players must travel to the appropriate sites (Emain Macha, Filia, Vales).
  3. Speak to the Wedding Usher and select "Get Married." The Usher will explain the process and prompt you for your partner's name, along with a twenty character message. A message is sent to your partner who must approve the Engagement. The Usher will charge an initial payment of 5,000 gold and explain that an additional 25,000 is needed before the ceremony. You will also need money for formal clothing if you want to use them, but this is optional. Once the Engagement is approved and paid for, both players will receive an Engagement Ring in their inventory. Additionally, both the bride and groom may write a twenty character message to be engraved on the Wedding Ring, and may change it at will before the Wedding. Note that you must start the ceremony within one week before the Engagement expires.
  4. Now that the players are engaged, they can both purchase Wedding Invitations from the usher for 10 gold each with a twenty character message. These can be stacked, mailed, stored on pets, and traded. The invitations are only needed if the couple decides it as the entrance method for guests.
    • Alternatively, couples can talk to the Wedding Usher and select "Skip Wedding" to immediately get married, skipping the entire ceremony. Both players will then receive wedding rewards.
  5. Once the couple decides to start the Wedding Ceremony, all guests should be gathered at the designated Cathedral, Chapel, or City Hall.
  6. One of the players to be married must speak to the Wedding Usher and select "Begin Wedding Ceremony." The usher will collect the final payment of 25,000 gold and open the Wedding Hall for all invited guests. The player who initiates this will automatically be transported to the Wedding Hall. Once the hall has been opened, guests should speak to the Wedding Usher to enter.
    • You only have the Wedding Hall for 30 minutes. After the time is up, all players inside are transported out of the Hall.
  7. Inside the Wedding Hall's lobby, there are 3 doors and an NPC. Guests should immediately go through the side doors of the Wedding Hall. The bride and groom may rent formal attire from the NPC (see the Outfit Rental for each city for the wedding attire available and costs) and enter through the middle door. Formal attire will disappear automatically once the player leaves the wedding hall. Once you have rented attire, do not leave the hall or it will disappear, thus requiring the player to rent them again.
  8. Once all guests are in the hall and the bride and groom enter through the middle door, it is time to initiate the ceremony. Either the bride or groom must open their inventory and select the Engagement Ring. Click the "Use" button on the ring. This will initiate the ceremony containing three cutscenes. After the first cutscene, the second will occur shortly. Both players will then receive their Titles, the Journal Achievement The Old Ball and Chain, and a permanent Wedding Ring, and the final cutscene will occur shortly. After the last cutscene, the wedding is over.


  • To initiate a Divorce, the married players must speak to a Wedding Coordinator.
    • Two married players may perform a Mutual Divorce if they both give consent. This costs 20,000 gold.
    • One married player may perform a Forced Divorce on his/her own. This costs 50,000 gold.
  • After a Mutual Divorce, both players lose their Wedding Ring and "the Married" Title.
  • After a Forced Divorce the player requesting the divorce will lose their Wedding Ring and "the Married" Title immediately, while the other player will lose their ring and title after a while.
    • If your partner divorces you while you're offline, the ring may glitch and become stuck in your inventory for awhile.
  • After any form of Divorce, they cannot get married again for 7 days.