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Master Chef's Cooking Class: Frying

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Master Chef's Cooking Class: Frying[1]
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A cooking lesson taught by master chefs. You can learn to fry. Written by Mochail.
If you read this book carefully, you can raise your Cooking skill from rank B to A.

Obtain From Gordon's secret shop
Price 11210
Tradability Untradable
Effects condition to raise Cooking from B to A
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Crafted Into
Conditions [[Image:Book toggler {{{conditions}}}.png|{{{conditions}}}|link=]]
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.


Deep-fried dishes are considered a delicacy in that it enables you to enjoy a dish in two different dynamics simultaneously; crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. It's also an optimal way to take in liposoluble nutrients.

In order to fry something, you'll first need ample amount of cooking oil. Corn oil, olive oil, whatever oil it is, you'll need plenty of it to start. It should be enough that when it's in a round pot, the ingredients should be able to fully submerge in the cooking oil.

Next, you'll need to prepare the ingredients necessary to make a frying batter. How important is the frying batter? You can say it's the whole essence of a deep-fried dish. Pour the wheat flour in the water, mix in a little bit of egg, and use salt & pepper for optimal taste. Once you're done mixing, pour the batter over the ingredient, and you can even sprinkle on some dry frying flour on top for a tasty deep-fried dish.

Please adhere to the following points when deep-frying.

One, you need to set the right temperature for the oil depending on the ingredient. The temperature of the cooking oil varies based on the amount of time it takes to cook, but it's usually between 320 and 350 degrees. If the the temperature is too high, then the frying batter will get toasted without really affecting the ingredients inside. If it's too low, the frying batter will be saturated with cooking oil, which will heavily dampen the dish. That is why it's really important to set the right temperature for the cooking oil in order to succeed in making a deep-fried dish.

Two, the frying batter must be kept cold The frying batter must be kept cold, so cold that the ice is used to keep it cold. That way, when you deep-fry it, it'll come out crispy. Never, ever mix it with warm water! That'll really mix the egg and the wheat flour and make a nasty paste out of it, effectively ruining the batter.

Three, do not fry too many things at once. If you place too many ingredients with cold frying batter on them in the cooking oil at once, then the temperature of the cooking oil will rapidly decrease, thereby ruining the whole dish. To keep the temperature of the cooking oil at an optimal range, it's important that you take time and dip in the batter-covered ingredients one ingredient at a time.

If you can say you can make a deep-fried dish with ease, that means you have already reached a substantial level of cooking. Surprise your friends with a crispy, deep-fried dish that'll knock their socks off!