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Portrait of Gordon
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Head Chef
Location Emain Macha

Track Iron Chef


The one who controls the flame is the one who can control the taste...


His thick eyebrows stand out amongst his bold facial features. His brow is always furrowed and his loud voice echoes throughout the restaurant. He cooks with grace and dexterity despite his rather large frame.

Gordon owns Loch Lios, Emain Macha's lakeside restaurant. An unparalleled chef, his expertise comes from 40 years of experience.

Not very talkative, he prefers to focus on his creations.

He is not looking for any apprentices, and if you ask, he merely says, "Fraser's enough."

Favorite Items

  • The name of the closest NPC selling a favorite item is in bold.
Gift Price Sold by
Gift Ring 500g Nora and Eavan

Special Access

Gordon has a Secret Shop, which is accessed by raising your level of intimacy with him. Put simply, you need to give him a number of items that he likes and these are listed in the "Favorite Items" section above. See the "How to impress an NPC" section on the Secret Shops page for more information.

  • At one point, he will say "He is giving you a look that it will be better to stop this conversation." DO NOT stop, this means you're getting close.
  • Use gold as gifts or wait to continue, otherwise you will decrease your relationship.
  • When his secret shop is accessible he will say "<Username>! Why don't you try this?" upon opening his shop.
  • It takes approximately ~26 rings to access his secret shop.


Daily Quest

[Daily Quest] Cooking
How to Get Quest

Speak to Gordon about Daily Quests

Briefing Try making something tasty and high-quality.
  • Make food that is rated 3 stars or better.
Additional Information
  • Food made using the materials from the Restaurant Part-Time Job counts. However, it will only be credited to the objectives of whichever quest is first in your quest log.
    • Shena's Part-Time Job works well with this. Unlike Fraser, Shena's quest objectives does not include cooking the item, only giving her the final product.
  • By obtaining this quest from Gordon first, you may efficiently fulfill it in the course of making a Vegetable Canape for Laffe's daily quest, or a Tomato Basil Salad for Hiko's.
  • A very easy recipe to make is to purchase Bacon from Shena nearby (for 75 gold) and bake this item by itself to make Roasted Bacon
    • May require more than one attempt to gain the correct star-rating

Gordon's Equipment