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Master Chef's Cooking Class: Stir-frying

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Master Chef's Cooking Class: Stir-frying[1]
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A cooking lesson taught by master chefs. You can learn to stir-fry. Written by Mochail.
If you read this book carefully, you can raise your Cooking skill from rank A to 9.

Obtain From Gordon's secret shop
Price 24510
Tradability Untradable
Effects condition to raise Cooking from A to 9
Reward {{{reward}}}
Crafted Into
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.


Stir-frying is one of the most prevalent cooking techniques involving fire. It is the method that created some of the most common dishes that we eat today.

There are two different methods of stir-frying, one with more emphasis on water, and the other with oil. The similarities between the two methods is that you don't use much of either when stir-frying.

That's because if you put in too much water, it becomes more like simmering or boiling, and if there's too much oil, it turns into frying instead of stir-frying. Stir-frying requires only a little amount of the oil or water, so the nutrients do not evaporate and stay within the ingredients. Unlike baking, it's also a great way to mix in multiple nutrients for one delicious dish.

Please adhere to the following points when stir-frying.

One, make sure the frying pan is hot. Whether you're using more water or oil, the frynig pan must be sufficiently heated. That way, this will quickly cook the outside of the ingredients and prevent the nutrients and juice from seeping out.

Two, make sure to remove all foreign particles. Since this method requires cooking in hot fire in a short amount of time, if something goes awry midway through, there isn't much time to recover from it. If nothing else, if the scalding oil or water splashes and hits you, you'll be burned in no time. These foreign particles may be from the ingredients that came out while cooking, or it may be from the pot. It is imperative to prepare ingredients that are thoroughly cleaned out and devoid of foreign substance before stir-frying, whether it be washed or wiped away with paper towel.

Third, make sure to prepare ingredients that are very small in size. Making a delicious stir-fried dish revolves around the perfect blend of ingredients, and their freshness. They need to be cooked in a quick, efficient manner in order to preserve those qualities. In order to do that, the ingredients need to be finely chopped off so that these small ingredients can be quickly an sufficiently cooked under scalding heat.

Stir-frying requires quick, delicate hands to mix in the ingredients, but even the beginners can enjoy cooking up delicious meals with this technique. Master stir-frying and show off your amazing cooking skills to your friends!