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Mister AdoraBunny

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Portrait of Mister AdoraBunnyFile:Mister AdoraBunny.png
Mister AdoraBunny
Race Giant?
Gender Male
Location Dunbarton
(Bottom-right Corner of Dunbarton Square
Only During Easter Egg Hunt Events)
*Sniff sniff* The Max Rabbit Family is the worst... I want my eggs back! *Soooob!*


—Mister AdoraBunny


Mister AdoraBunny is an Event NPC that runs the related Easter Egg Hunt Events. A roaming gang of violent rabbits known as the Max Rabbit Family has stolen Mister AdoraBunny's painted Easter Eggs and it is up to the player to get them back.

During the event period, players can speak to Mister AdoraBunny each real-life day to receive an Egg Basket used to collect the Eggs back. Additionally, every 15 real-life minutes (up to 5 times per real-life day) a Balloon will be given to the player that they can exchange with Mister AdoraBunny. Note that the time resets when you re-log or change channel, so be careful.



  • When Mister AdoraBunny made his request for help to the Owls that deliver Quests, he didn't specify anyone in particular.
  • Mister AdoraBunny's Shoes, the Bunny Shoes, were never released in North America and can only be previewed in the Auction House.