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Mystery of the Dungeon

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Mystery of the Dungeon[1]
1 × 2
A book that answers frequently asked questions for those who explore dungeons.

Obtain From Aeira
Break the Watermelon Event (2009)
Price 10
Tradability Tradable
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Crafted Into

Also known as

Dungeon Mystery
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
- The Story of Spiral Hill -

written by Kharberie

Have you been to the dungeon?
When you place on item on the altar
you are transported to another place.
When another person places an item on the altar
he or she is transported to a place as well. However, the two cannot meet.

The shape of the dungeon is even different.

Did you ever wonder why this happens?
Where do these spaces exist?
Do they all exist in one place but in different realms?

It's truly an unsolved mystery.