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Break the Watermelon Event (2009)

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July 16th - July 30th, 2009


As Mabinogians begin entering the world of Erinn, the torturous heat and humidity combined with the treacherous exploration of the newfound areas of Courcle may send our hearty adventurers to a more tropical location. On a quick jaunt to Port Qilla in Iria or the southern coast of Longa Desert, one will see curious-looking watermelons taking root on the hot sands of the beach. What better refreshment for the summertime than nice, ripe watermelons?

Crack them open with a blunt object to reap the sweet, refreshing treat inside. But take caution—watermelons don’t just appear out of thin air! Some may contain a trickster seeking to ruin your fun at the beach, while others contain the coveted items.

Now, Mabinogians…to the Beach! [1]


A message stating the place of presence will be announced when on the Iria Continent and Watermelons are near you. The message is similar to a boss announcement. The watermelons cannot be <Ctrl> targeted. You must use a blunt weapon to attack the watermelons that appear on the beaches of Iria to obtain various prizes. Note that axes which count as blunt weapons may not work to break melons, i.e. a Bipennis can't break a melon but a Wooden Blade can. Also, beware that some watermelons contain monsters.