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O-mikuji Event (2019)

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Banner for the O-mikuji Event.
January 31st, 2019 - February 21th, 2019


How to Participate:

  • Head down to Dunbarton to meet the Seer Sulhee to designate a main character! Choose wisely, because only one character per account can participate in the event.
  • She will hand you an Omikuji Box (1x2) that can predict what kind of fortune you will recieve! The box will be stored in your inventory.
  • Stay logged in on the registered character to recieve a Fortune Fee or a Cursed Fortune every 30 minutes!
  • Cursed Fortunes contain annoying curses, but they can be exorcised at Seer Sulhee! You will be rewarded a Lucky Pouch after turning in 15 Cursed Fortunes.
  • Once you have collected 3 Fortune Fees, you may use the Omikuji Box to receive your fortune.
  • You will be given a Fortune Pouch that corresponds with the fortune you recieved. [1]


  • Talk to Seer Sulhee in Dunbarton to designate a main character for the O-mikuji Event.
    • Only one character per account will be able to participate in the event.
  • Seer Sulhee will have an option to give you an O-mikuji.
  • Every 30 minutes that you are logged in with the designated character, you will receive a Fortune's Fee.
  • Once you have three Fortune's Fees, you can use the O-mikuji to get a random fortune with a special message for you, and a random Fortune Pouch, ranging from Great Curse to Great Blessing.
  • Cursed Fortunes are received from Fortune Pouch (Great Curse) and Fortune Pouch (Curse) which can be traded into Seer Sulhee to be exorcised.
    • After turning in a bundle of 15 Cursed Fortunes, she will reward you with a Lucky Pouch, which contains a variety of items.


Great Blessing Fortune Pouch

Blessing Fortune Pouch

Normal Blessing Fortune Pouch

Small Blessing Fortune Pouch

Curse Fortune Pouch

Great Curse Fortune Pouch

Lucky Pouch Rewards