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Old Cloth with Design

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Future content.png As of Generation 16, Season 2, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
This feature may still be used provided one had access to it before it was altered.


Inventory icon of Old Cloth with Design

2 × 2

An old cloth with a tree design from Price. Go place it on the Fiodh Dungeon altar all alone.

Methods to Obtain

How to get the an Old Cloth with Design:

1. Obtain the Keyword "Lugh, the Knight of Light" after viewing a cutscene.

2. Talk to Gordon at Emain's Restaurant using the new keyword. Obtain the keyword "Redire".

  • Optional: Talk to Nele with the Keyword "Redire" to learn that you have to talk to Price.

3. Use the "Redire" Keyword in conversation with Price. He will give you the Old Cloth with Design and a Red Wing of the Goddess to Fiodh Dungeon lobby.

  • Once you have received this cloth, go to Fiodh Dungeon and drop it on the altar. The dungeon must be soloed.

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