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Partner's Noble Carriage

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An example of the Partner's Noble Carriage in use.


Inventory icon of Partner's Noble Carriage

2 × 2

Equip this on your partner and they can give you a ride on the Noble Carriage. Use this when the partner is summoned. Using it on a partner who already has a carriage [sic] or when the partner is not summoned will do nothing.

  • Land Speed: 188 (Speed of a Shire)
  • Can carry up to two riders
  • Unlike traditional mounts, the mount starts at the character, allowing you to mount regardless of where your partner is located.
  • If used in a homestead, one can warp the other player who rides the carriage.

Methods to Obtain

Used In

  • Provides the summoned partner with a Noble Carriage mount.

See Also


  • While controlling the Carriage, the player takes control of the Horses, similar to riding the Alaskan Husky, Malamute and Reindeer pets with the ability to sled in snow, as well as the Commerce Wagon.