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For just the Commodity Log, see Commerce/Commodity Log.
For just the Trade Assistant Imp's Shop, see Commerce/Trade Assistant Imp Shop.
For just the Transportation Info, see Commerce/Transportation.
For just the Ambush Info, see Commerce/Ambush.
For just the Pursuit Info, see Commerce/Pursuit.
Buy low, sell high! This is the number one principle of trading. You purchase trade goods and sell them to other towns.


Goblin Trade Helper

Great Era of Commerce Logo.png


An example of the trade interface.
Status message when beginning commerce.
  • Commerce is a special system that allows players to trade goods for money.
  • Within or around every town in Uladh and Belvast, there is a Trading Post. You can elect to participate in trading by buying Fomorian Goods from these Posts and carrying them to the Posts in other towns to sell for a profit.
    • The trading goods are only meant to be used for commerce and cannot be used outside of the system.
  • Trades use Ducats instead of Gold.
    • All characters start off with 300 Ducats after talking to the Goblin Trade Helper.
    • If you run out of Ducats, you will be given an additional 200 Ducats.
  • Different towns give a different sales price for each item based on demand. Generally, the farther you go, the better the profit.
    • Selling prices for goods are weighted depending on the distance of the originating outpost. The farther the distance, the more weight on (the higher the) selling price.
    • The price changes similar to Farming system. If people sell certain products to a certain city, the prices will drop.
      • However, the price per town remains consistent per channel.
  • You can only lose a maximum of 25% of your cargo load. This is shared through any method that can potentially make you lose cargo; be it through bandits, disconnects, logging off, or changing channels.
    • After reaching this limit, you are essentially safe from anything that could make you lose your cargo.
    • Restocking on cargo resets the 25% loss limit.
  • During traveling, the Trade Assistant Imp will provide tips via onscreen messages on the top left corner.
    • You can make the onscreen messages close faster by moving your cursor over the box.
  • Trading goods from the Beach of Scathach are bartered for drops obtained from monsters in the same area instead of being purchased for ducats.
  • As you walk through Dangerous Zones, outside of towns, Bandits may attack. See Bandits for more information.
  • You may forfeit the transport anytime by clicking the "Stop" button on the top right corner.
    • After forfeiting the transport, 75% of the Ducats spent for the item load will be returned to you.
  • You may not engage any form of combat nor use skills while you are holding the goods.
    • You can drop and pick up your goods by pressing your hotkey for mounting a Pet (Default: "R").
  • All Elves' and Giants' movement speeds will be reduced to the speed of a Human while using the backpack as the method of transportation.
  • Viewing any cutscene or engaging bandits will automatically make you drop the goods.
  • Talking to an NPC while using a Wagon or an Elephant will force you to dismount.
  • As you travel, regular monsters along the road may aggro and attack.
  • All Movement Speed bonuses affect the player's speed while equipped with a Backpack or a Handcart.
  • Hyper Speed Burst Potions and Movement Speed Increase Potions increases all transport mount speeds, including the Wagon and the Pack Elephant.
  • If you log-off, or disconnect during traveling, you will be able to resume when you log in, however you will lose 10% of original amount of goods.
    • This counts as bandits taking your merchandise.
    • Players with Premium Service do not suffer this penalty.
  • A successful trade will merit the player Ducats, EXP, Gold, and Merchant Rating for the town the goods originated from.
    • The reward is relative to the selling price of the goods in question.
      • The Ducats earned is the original price plus the profit of the items you had sold plus Commerce Mastery Bonus.
      • The EXP obtained is calculated as: floor(sqrt(Single Item Profit * Single Item Weight)) * Item Quantity * 30 * (1 + Commerce Mastery Bonus + Guarantee Bonus)
      • The Gold and Merchant Rating is equal to the total profit of the items you had sold plus Commerce Mastery Bonus.
  • Prices do not reset during a maintenance or update.

Gameplay Limitations while Commercing

  • Once your goods are loaded, the following occurs:
    • Your damage output is reduced by 50%.
    • You will be unable to enter the Housing Channel, any Homestead, Solea, or any "indoor" location.
      • In example, Dungeon Altars are considered indoors.
    • All types of Pets and Partners, excluding Pets and Partners with unique Commerce bonuses, , will automatically be de-summoned, and cannot be summoned while commercing.
      • These include the Commerce Partner and William Partner as well as any Alpaca pet.
      • If your Partner runs out of time or is unsummoned you will not lose any goods but you will not be able to resummon them.
      • Alpaca pets are not kept summoned during Commerce, unlike Partners.
    • All methods of Fast Travel become non-functional until the trade is completed.
    • You cannot use the Auction House.
    • You cannot Joust; doing so will cause an auto-fail when you enter the arena, and glitch you inside.
      • This can be remedied by changing channels or relogging.
    • You cannot partake in the Fashion Show while you are trading.
      • Attempting to take the runway will cause an error of registration and prevent anybody from participating in the Fashion Contest for that channel.

Bandit Ambush

For the Rank 9 Enchant, see Rank 9 Enchants#Ambush.
Bandits prowl the trade routes, looking to steal whatever they can. Listen to the guide Imp and be cautious, but your best bet is to always be ready for a fight.


Goblin Trade Helper

Caution warning when Bandits are nearby.
When a Bandit Ambush appears.
An example of a bandit you may see while traveling with goods.
  • While transporting goods in Dangerous Zones outside of towns, Bandits may attack. An onscreen message appears followed by a faint heartbeat, warning you if the Bandits are nearby. Going near the Bandits triggers an "Ambush."
    • During this time the background theme music will mute as well as the ambient field theme.
    • The player will hear their heartbeat pulse faster and louder as one nears a Bandit.
      • If the 3D sound option is enabled, players can hear the direction the bandit is in as well.
    • An Ambush consists of up to eight Bandits, and possibly a Bandit Boss.
      • If a Bandit Boss appears, there will be an on-screen quote.
      • On rare occasions, two teams of bandits may attack at once, leading to a maximum of sixteen Bandits and two Bandit Bosses.
    • An Outlaw may appear before summoning the Bandits.
    • Bandits will not appear in Safe Zones which are located near and at towns and trade posts.
      • You can however, still trigger an Ambush from within a Safe Zone.
    • Bandits will only aggro those with the Commerce Status.
    • Players cannot see or trigger any bandit spawns if they have lost 25% of their current cargo load.
    • During an Ambush, up to two Bandits will try to occupy you while two more will attempt to 'steal' from your Transport Mounts.
      • Every 5 seconds of 'stealing' will give the Bandit one star. After a Bandit gets five stars, it will attempt to Run Away. If the Bandit is successful, a portion of your cargo will be permanently lost.
        • Each star equals to 1% of your cargo.
          • If the 25% cargo limit loss has been reached while ambushed, any bandit with stars will stop stealing and will attempt to Run Away. Any left over bandits will follow one by one.
        • Although the others may not be attacking you nor the cargo, defeating any Bandit will automatically trigger anyone in the Ambush to go after you or the cargo.
        • Every Bandit in an Ambush can steal goods.
        • If engaging Bandits as an Elf using Hide, the moment any of the bandits obtains a star, then the Elf loses Hide and the counter will be reset as if the Elf had engaged combat.
        • Sometimes Bandits will attempt to escape with less then 5 stars, however it is very rare.
          • If this happens and the bandit escapes, they will be counted for the whole 5 stars.
        • Taming any Bandits with stars may result in the loss of goods.
          • However, taming any Bandit Imp, Goblin, or Ogre will count towards the Taming Journal in their respective categories.
      • Any skill used by the Bandits, such as Stomp or Windmill, is in range of the cargo may cause harm towards it as well.
      • If the Bandits are a big hassle for you, it would be wise to have others accompany you.
      • In the case of one Bandit stealing from two different transport mounts, the last mount that was robbed will lose their goods.
    • If any Bandit possesses any amount of stars when they flee, they will make off with some of your cargo.
    • You cannot run away to escape an Ambush.
      • However, you can log-off or disconnect, and the bandits will disappear, but a portion of your cargo will be lost.
      • Being rendered Knocked Unconscious and choosing "Revive at Town" can be used to escape an Ambush, however you will lose approximately 10% of your commodities.
    • A Bandit will only be seen and detected near your Transportation Mount, however they can still be triggered anywhere.
      • If the Bandit has been triggered, more ambush spots may spawn elsewhere on the map.
      • Bandits may respawn directly on top of the player's cargo, forcing another ambush.
    • Similar to monster spawns, more Ambushes being triggers will increase the total number of ambush spots on that map.
    • The difficulty of the bandits is based off of the purchased value of the goods as well as how far the player has traveled from the original trading post.
      • Traveling more maps will increase the likelihood of stronger bandits appearing.
      • The standard bandit spawn type is determined by the amount the player paid to purchase the goods, not the profit the player would make.
      • In general, hardened bandits become common at 55,000 ducats with the most common difficulty going up by 1 for every additional 45,000 ducats.
    • Each map has a maximum number of simultaneous ambush points.
    • The farmlands around Taillteann may have more reoccurring spawns of Bandits unlike most locations.
  • Players traveling through Osna Sail and Corrib Valley should be wary as the tight spaces within the passageways make it nearly impossible to go around a Bandit on the path.
    • Bandits may be hiding up above the cliff face or down the ledges, especially in Osna Sail.
  • Taillteann and Dunbarton may hide bandits behind their high-walls especially those at their southern gates.
  • At Blago Prairie, the eastern 'portal' and the path leading to the city of Tara may become blocked by bandits. The player does not need to worry for the portal when clicked on will not trigger the ambush. If the player was from Tara entering Blago Prairie has become blocked by a bandit; the player may only need to re-enter the portal to Tara until they can re-emerge in Blago Prairie away from trouble.
    • The portal can be clicked on as far away as the fence-posts leading to it.
  • It is best to hide your cargo behind trees, rock out-crops, fences, or other obstacles when attempting to trigger an Ambush. Dropping your cargo far off and away may work on open field maps.
    • If your cargo is behind an object, you can bait the Bandits to it. Since they are unable be able to reach it, this will allow you to effectively take them out without putting your cargo at risk.
    • If one were to run away a certain distance from bandits, like other monsters, they will go back to their original place of spawning. This enables you to use long-range attacks to further deter them from your cargo, provided that your goods are at a safe distance.
      • However, their aggression towards you or the cargo may not change.
  • Triggering bandits will cause previously spawned bandit points to go invisible, any newly spawned bandit points will be visible. This can be fixed by leaving and re-entering the map.
  • Should you encounter an issue with remounting your trade mount where it says you are too far from the mount, and a friend can verify that your trade mount is in a different location than where you see it at, then sit where your friend sees the trade mount at and then press "R" without getting up. You will be back on your mount without having to relog.


Message that appears once in Pursuit Mode in-game
  • Outlaw Bandits have a chance to spawn in an Ambush. The Outlaw disappears, only to be replaced by Bandits. If they manage to steal enough from any player and get away from it, a record will be recorded into the Wanted Board stationed next to every Trading Post.
    • The amount of ducats that a bandit boss's group must steal in order to be wanted is around 1,500.
    • After accepting a Bounty to pursue on the Wanted Board, you will be able to detect Bandit Ambush Spots as if you were performing a Commerce trade.
    • The Ducat bounty placed on that Outlaw increases over time or as more players are robbed.
      • The bounty is roughly 10% of the goods value.
    • There is an invisible button at the top right corner of your screen which is used to cancel the pursuit.
      • Changing channels as well as re-logging can also cancel the pursuit.
      • Pursuing also ends automatically if the outlaw being pursued is captured by another player.
    • There is also another button to the left of the one used to cancel the pursuit, which gives information on who you are pursuing and the bounty placed on that outlaw.
    • The 'spot' where the Smuggler was seen during a previous Ambush, while in Commerce Trade, can be revisited through a Pursuit.
      • One must be in the same channel and map to encounter the Bandit spawn.
        • If another player triggered the spawn; the Bandit or Smuggler location will change once more for that map.
      • The Smuggler will not reappear with the spawn.
  • When entering the Bandit's Homestead, there is a chance that the outlaw will be there, otherwise you may kill the other bandits.
    • Your status of "Pursue" is canceled whether the Outlaw is there or not, forcing you to return to the Wanted Board if you wish to continue.
    • 20 minutes are given to the player in the Homestead.
    • You may not enter the Bandit Hideout with a party, though you may remain in one so long you are the party leader.
      • Only one player with the Pass will enter, leaving out the other members.
      • Only the player inside the Homestead will gain experience, regardless of the party status.
    • The player may not enter if they currently have a Shadow Mission active.
    • If the Outlaw is defeated, the one who defeated the outlaw will receive a Bounty Pouch rewarding the Ducat bounty placed on that outlaw, the Title "Outlaw Hunter" and the Journal Achievement "(Outlaw Name): Captured!"; and players who lost trade goods to that outlaw will receive a Ducat Pouch via Mailbox with most of the stolen ducats.
  • While inside the Homestead, you may:
    • Defeat all the Bandits or the Outlaw to receive 1,000 Ducats and 100,000 Experience, or 5,000 Ducats and 200,000 Experience respectively.
      • Defeating all the bandits or the outlaw allows you to open the chest for a reward.
    • Mine Homestead Stones.
    • Use various Homestead Props.


Fomorian NPC Jobs

  • Ogre: Transportation Helper. Merchants can contract with the Ogre for various transportation services. Has a 90% Success Rate of repairing Fomorian Weapons.
  • Goblin: Trade Helper. Merchants can click on the Goblin to access the main trade interface. They provide a brief explanation of the Commerce and the Ducat Currency. Has a 95% Success Rate of repairing Fomorian Weapons.
  • Imp: Merchant. The Imp sells special items that can only be purchased with Ducats. It despises Bandits and will pay a hefty sum for Bandit Badges. Has a 98% Success Rate of repairing Fomorian Weapons.

Trading Interface

If you carry goods to far away places, or places where they are rare, you'll make quite a bit more. Always check the market price and head into the direction of highest profit, but keep the travel times in mind.


Goblin Trade Helper

Goods Information

  • The left side of the interface shows the trade goods the Goblin has for sale. Each trade good window displays the following information:
    • Item's image
    • Item's name
    • Cost per unit
    • Weight of the item

Trade Information

  • The middle window shows the trade information.
  • The top portion shows the current price for the good selected in various towns of Erinn.
  • A red or blue number after the town name shows how much profit or loss, respectively, you can expect when selling the item in that town.
    • A black number represents no change in price between the two towns.
  • These prices will fluctuate every time a restock occurs.
  • Click on the trade good you would like to learn about in the left window to change the trading information in the middle.

Buying and Selling

  • Place your order with the merchant in the bottom portion of the window.
  • Items can run out of stock if they are in high demand and bought frequently by other players.
    • Stocks remains consistent per channel.
    • Normal items will restock every five minutes real-time. The amount each item restocks is proportional to the total amount of goods bought since the last restock.
    • Items labeled as "Limited Items" will restock once every two hours real-time.
  • The order window displays the following information:
    • Number of items to purchase/maximum number of stackable items.
      • Trade goods are held in stacks. Each trade good will have a different maximum number of items that can be placed in a stack.
    • Total cost of your order, in Ducats.
    • Cost of one item, in Ducats.
    • The weight of one unit of the selected trade good.
  • Once you are satisfied with the order, click the "Buy" button to purchase the goods.
  • To sell trade goods to the merchant, select the item in the transport window and click the "Sell" button.
    • You may not sell items back to the trade post that you purchased them at.
  • There is a glitch where sometimes after talking to Goblin, you will be unable to move. Logging out and back in will fix this, although the penalty still applies.

Merchant Rating

  • Each type of trade good has a Merchant Rating measured from 1 to 9.
  • An item's credit rating describes its general value and dictates who can purchase it.
  • Beginning traders will have a credit limit of one and may only buy goods with a credit rating of 1.
  • Successfully trading goods will earn you Merchant Rating that will raise your credit limit and allow you to purchase more valuable goods.
  • As your Merchant Rating increases, you will receive a discount on purchased goods at the respective town of up to 3%.
  • The amount of Merchant Rating experience received is equal to the total profit from all sold goods.
    • For example, selling 20 Spider Gloves for a 2 Ducat profit each and 20 Wool Boots for a 3 Ducat profit each will earn a total of 100 Merchant Rating experience.
    • If you sell items for a loss you will receive 0 Merchant Rating experience.
  • The Rating can be checked in the Commerce Tab of the Character Menu.
  • Merchant Rating can decrease if you trade with the Uladh Smuggler or use the non-VIP variant of the Stowaway Ticket with the Iria Smugglers.
  • The Beach of Scathach does not have any Merchant Rating.
Merchant Rating Total Required To Next Discount %
1 0 501 0
2 501 3000 0
3 3501 10000 0
4 13501 25000 0
5 38501 60000 1
6 98501 150000 1
7 248501 350000 2
8 598501 550000 2
9 1148501 750000 3

Loading Goods

  • Once you have secured transportation, the next step is to load your items onto it.
  • Talk to the Goblin to bring up the Trade Interface.
  • The right hand side of the screen shows your selected method of Transport.
  • Trade goods will be stacked in the squares. Each square can only carry one type of trade good up to the maximum size stack allowed for that item.
  • Each method of transportation can also only carry a certain amount of weight.
    • E.g. You wish to purchase Mini Dressing Tables (weight 20, maximum stack 10) and carry them with a Backpack, you would only be able to purchase twenty (weight 400) and the other two available squares would remain empty. It's up to each individual trader to maximize their available space and weight in order to maximize profits.


Seasonal Commerce Score Calculator
Input Prices and Quantity, Auto-Calculates Score
Original Price name=originalPrice;default=0
Selling Price name=sellingPrice;default=0
Quantity name=quantity;default=0
Score : formula=getScore;


Barter Seasonal Commerce Score Calculator
Input Value and Quantity, Auto-Calculates Score
Selling Price name=sellingPrice;default=0
Quantity name=quantity;default=0
Score : formula=getScore;


You'll start with a Backpack to carry goods, but you can get others from the Ogre.


Goblin Trade Helper

  • Traders have to personally Transport trade goods to another town to collect profits.
  • The default method of Transportation is the Backpack.
    • Should you wish to carry more merchandise as well as increasing your travel speed, you will need to purchase some form of Transport.
    • In order to switch to a different mode of transportation, click the bar above your trade inventory when talking to the trade NPC.
  • Speak with the Ogre at the Trading Post to contract a type of Transportation.
  • It is required to purchase the Handcart before purchasing either the Wagon or Pack Elephant.
  • Players can learn Commerce Mastery by purchasing a Handcart.
  • Even if you do have the right amount of Ducats to purchase the Transportation method, you must have at least an additional 1000 Ducats to purchase it, otherwise you would be left with little-to-no money.
  • Having a Commerce Partner accompanying increases storage slots by 1 and weight capacity by 100.
  • Having a William (Partner) accompanying increases storage slots by 1 and weight capacity by 200 while also increasing profit by 0~3% based on Likeability.
    • Your partner has to be summoned when selling the goods to profit from the increased bonus.
  • Having an Alpaca summoned before initiating a trade gives the option to use the Wagon (Alpaca) if the Wagon has been purchased.
    • The alpaca pet will automatically be desummoned and therefore no summoning time will be used during transport.
  • Transport Mount's Health corresponds to the amount of merchandise loaded, and decreases if Bandits successfully steal from it.
    • If hit in some way (e.g. Splash Damage, Stomp, etc.), the Transport Mount will take miniscule damage from melee attacks. However, the damage of magic attacks (i.e. Lightning Bolt) are not reduced.
    • If a transport mount were to be Knocked Unconscious, it will become unmountable.
      • Relogging will revive the Transport Mount, although the player will still receive the penalty for doing so.
Transportation Method Appearance Storage Weight Capacity Speed Cost (Ducats)
Backpack Icon.png
Backpack.png 4 400 ~91% 0
Backpack Icon.png
Backpack.png 5 500 Equivalent to Backpack 0
Handcart Icon.png
Handcart.png 6 800 100%
Equal to
Human running speed
Handcart Icon.png
Handcart.png 7 900 Equivalent to the Handcart Must have purchased Handcart
Wagon Icon.png
Wagon (Commerce).png 8 900 190%
Equal to
Haflinger running speed
Wagon Icon.png
Wagon (Commerce Partner).png 9 1000 Equivalent to the Wagon Must have purchased Wagon
Alpaca Wagon Icon.png
Wagon (Alpaca)**
Alpaca Wagon.png 10 1100 Equivalent to the Wagon Must have purchased Wagon
Elephant Icon.png
Pack Elephant***
Elephant (Commerce).png 7 1700 137%
Equal to Elf with
Rank C Wave Sweeper
Elephant Icon.png
[P]Pack Elephant* ***
Elephant (Commerce Partner).png 8 1800 Equivalent to the Pack Elephant Must have purchased Pack Elephant
Dog Sled Icon.png
Dog Sled
Dog Sled.png 11 700 186%
309% while in Physis
300,000 Seasonal Ducats (Rented per season)
Camel Icon.png
Camel.png 7 1400 215%
307% while in Connous
133% while in Physis
300,000 Seasonal Ducats (Rented per season)
Trader's Skiff Icon.png
Trader's Skiff
Trader's Skiff.png 8 1200 240% 1,000,000 Seasonal Ducats (Rented per season, must have Camel and Dog Sled)
Dog Sled Icon.png
Dog Sled (Imbolic)
Dog Sled (Imbolic).png 11 700 Equivalent to Dog Sled 4,500,000 Ducats (From Trade Assistant Imp) or 4,500,000 Seasonal Ducats (From Sayiv)
(Purchased per season, must have Dog Sled to use)
Camel Icon.png
Camel (Imbolic)
Camel (Imbolic).png 7 1400 Equivalent to Camel 4,500,000 Ducats (From Trade Assistant Imp) or 4,500,000 Seasonal Ducats (From Sayiv)
(Purchased per season, must have Camel to use)
Trader's Skiff Icon.png
Trader's Skiff (Imbolic)
Trader's Skiff (Imbolic).png 8 1200 Equivalent to Trader's Skiff 15,000,000 Ducats (From Trade Assistant Imp) or 15,000,000 Seasonal Ducats (From Sayiv)
(Purchased per season, must have Trader's Skiff to use)

* This option appears when having a Commerce Partner summoned while configuring trades, you may choose to de-summon the partner after starting the trade or you may keep it out during your trade.
** This option appears when having an Alpaca summoned while configuring trades.
*** Varies in colors.

Commodity Log

Tir Chonaill

Commerce Tir Chonaill Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Baby Potion Icon.png
Baby Potion
A purified potion that is safe for children.
It doesn't restore HP, but it tastes fruity!
1 4~12 80 1 544000
Diet Potion Icon.png
Diet Potion
A potion that helps people lose weight. Drink it right before working out. This has jumped in popularity recently. 1 16~26 100 2 384000
Snore Prevention Potion Icon.png
Snore Prevention Potion
Pour this potion on a plate next to your bed before sleeping.
It will produce a pungent smell that expands your nostrils, preventing you from snoring.
Just remember to air your bedroom out the next day.
2 82~118 60 3 256000
Wild Ginseng Potion Icon.png
Wild Ginseng Potion
A potion made with a rare wild ginseng from the mountain behind Tir Chonaill.
It restores Strength and has other beneficial effects.
Be careful of giving to someone with a high body temperature.
3 352~448 40 5 181328
Lovely Potion Icon.png
Lovely Potion
(Limited Item)
A potion that brings true love between the two that drink it.
Only work if your intended lover does not know what it is.
3 180~220 70 7 1000


Commerce Dunbarton Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Spider Gloves Icon.png
Spider Gloves
Special gloves made for gathering cobwebs.
They are coated to prevent the cobwebs from sticking.
5 20~60 10 1 54400
Wool Boots Icon.png
Wool Boots
Special boots with sound-insulated soles.
Makes it easier to sneak up on sheep.
8 137~224 10 1 38400
Ogre Executioner Mask Icon.png
Ogre Executioner Mask
A mask that resembles an Ogre Executioner.
Often worn for self-defense at night.
4 206~296 45 3 128000
Incubus Suit Icon.png
Incubus Suit
A suit perfect for attracting attention.
The Red Incubus Suit is popular these days.
25 4840~6160 5 6 24800
Succubus Swimsuit Icon.png
Succubus Swimsuit
(Limited Item)
A swimsuit for the Succubus.
Only ever seen at noblemen's auctions, for some reason.
It is very rare, and rumored to attract the Succubus, perhaps not in a good way.
6 900~1100 10 7 200


Commerce Bangor Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Bangor Coal Icon.png
Bangor Coal
A mineral used as fuel.
It's a little heavy.
8 24~72 10 1 54400
Marble Icon.png
A slick white stone.
It's often used for floor tiling in luxurious mansions.
Tara Royal Castle purchased all marble produced in the last 7 Years.
20 266~435 10 1 38400
Topaz Icon.png
A yellow crystal.
Decorate your windows with topaz to make your room yellow, just like Lileas's hair, and give it a warm feel.
20 1230~1770 6 4 25600
Highlander Ore Icon.png
Highlander Ore
An ore that is synonymous with the weapons it is used to make, such as the Highlander Claymore.
Blacksmiths like Ferghus have worked tirelessly to craft better weapons with this ore, but no one has discovered its true potential yet.
25 3960~5040 8 5 23648
Lead Icon.png
(Limited Item)
The world's heaviest metal.
It is too soft to make weapons or armor from, but it has been researched exhaustively by Alchemists such as Leymore and Cai, trying to find a way to transmute it into gold.
35 450~550 10 6 400

Emain Macha

Commerce Emain Macha Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Berry Granola Icon.png
Berry Granola
A berry-granola mixture, baked in an oven.
You can eat it with milk or as a dry snack.
3 6~18 40 1 272000
Butter Beer Icon.png
Butter Beer
A soft beer made with Emain Macha Butter.
Even though it's called beer, it doesn't contain alcohol, so anybody can drink it.
4 42~69 30 2 192000
Smoked Wild Animal Icon.png
Smoked Wild Animal
The leg of some beast, wrapped in silver and
smoked over an open fire.
Whatever it is, it's pretty chewy.
3 164~236 40 4 108800
Triple Pasta Icon.png
Triple Pasta
Pasta made with white mushrooms.
Since white mushrooms are so rare, this dish is a highly-valued delicacy.
4 704~896 50 5 108800
Whole BBQ Bear Icon.png
Whole BBQ Bear
(Limited Item)
Cooked bear from Emain Macha.
To make this, you must tie the bear to a tree trunk, and cook it for a whole day while five strong men rotate it constantly.
Definitely worth the effort, though.
20 360~440 5 7 500


Commerce Taillteann Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Heat Crystal Icon.png
Heat Crystal
A crystal made by compounding Fire and Wind Crystals.
You can use it in cylinders, or as a heat pack.
2 4~12 60 1 544000
Music Box Preservation Stone Icon.png
Music Box Preservation Stone
This stone plays a saved sound when it is struck.
Only works once.
3 31~50 40 2 136000
Palala Crystal Icon.png
Palala Crystal
A crystal that shines incredibly brightly for an instant when used in a cylinder.
Excellent for blinding enemies.
Just don't forget to cover your own eyes.
2 115~166 100 4 256000
Circle Barrier Spike Crystal Icon.png
Circle Barrier Spike Crystal
A crystal that creates a circular protective barrier around you.
Try using it when you need some time alone.
3 396~504 60 5 136000
Alchemy Crystal Icon.png
Alchemy Crystal
(Limited Item)
A crystal that can change a small life form into gold.
However, it always creates less gold than it takes to make the crystal.
Used to make gold beetles or gold minnows.
Has no effect on large life forms such as dogs or humans.
5 540~660 10 6 330


Commerce Tara Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Mini Dressing Table Icon.png
Mini Dressing Table
A dressing table used by women.
It's small enough for anyone to use.
9 43~128 12 1 27200
Tea Table Icon.png
Tea Table
A table made specifically for enjoying a cup of tea.
It is round, with engraved patterns adorning its surface.
25 456~744 5 2 19200
Rocking Chair Icon.png
Rocking Chair
A rocking chair with a fluffy cushion, filled with cotton.
Sitting in it for more than a few minutes will put you out for the night.
25 1804~2596 5 4 12800
Bunk Bed Icon.png
Bunk Bed
A bunk bed with stairs, made with consideration of children's safety.
It's low enough that you can fall off and still be fine.
60 9680~12320 3 6 10880
Giant Wine Rack Icon.png
Giant Wine Rack
(Limited Item)
A huge rack for storing wine bottles.
A collector's item due to its large size.
300 6750~8250 1 7 100

Port Cobh

Commerce Port Cobh Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Cobh Seaweed Icon.png
Cobh Seaweed
Seaweed that tastes good no matter how you cook it.
Soggy seaweed gets stuck on the roof of your mouth, so be careful.
2 6~18 50 1 272000
Cobh Oyster Icon.png
Cobh Oyster
A shellfish with a unique smell.
It is said that Edern eats them to stay healthy.
3 46~75 40 1 192000
Shark Fin Icon.png
Shark Fin
Part of the shark that's popular not for its taste, but for its rarity.
Since it's hard to catch a shark at all, this remains an extremely rare dish.
4 164~236 30 3 77600
Jelly Fish Icon.png
Jelly Fish
A jellyfish.
Since it's so slippery, it will go straight down your throat even if you don't chew.
Don't forget to clean it before eating!
6 1056~1344 30 5 108800
Neid Scales Icon.png
Neid Scales
(Limited Item)
Scales dropped by Neid.
You can obtain a few by pouring some water from Lake Neagh into the waters of Port Cobh.
This will make the scales shine.
Many consider the scales to be a symbol of luck.
2 162~198 50 7 1100

Commonwealth of Belvast

Commerce Commonwealth of Belvast Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Iron Whip Icon.png
Iron Whip
An iron whip used to train horses.
Just like a morning star, it has linked chains.
8 20~60 15 1 54400
Dark Sword Icon.png
Dark Sword
A black-bladed sword.
Looks like an ordinary one-handed sword, just black.
12 152~248 10 1 27120
Safe Icon.png
A small safe crafted of solid steel, used for storing precious objects.
Ordinary beings can't even move this thing.
160 11071~15931 1 3 1600
Skeleton Ogre Armor Icon.png
Skeleton Ogre Armor
Armor worn by Skeleton Ogre.
Since it's too heavy for humans, it's used more as a decoration than for battle purposes.
It is said the wearer can have superhuman strength, but they probably had it just to be able to wear it at all.
160 24640~31360 1 5 2560
Fake Morgant Helmet Icon.png
Fake Morgant Helmet
(Limited Item)
A helmet that looks like just like Dark Lord, Morgant's helmet.
Don't expect it to have the same power, though!
30 900~1100 6 7 200


Commerce Qilla Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Mint Chocolate Powder Icon.png
Mint Chocolate Powder
No one can resist this popular flavor.
There's an old saying that those who like mint chocolate are always right.
Enjoy it with chicken or pizza, or maybe just make a milkshake if you're more normal.
1 ?~? 100 1 ?
Fresh Pomegranate Icon.png
Fresh Pomegranate
Widely used as a material for tea and dyes due to its unique scent and color. 1 ?~? 100 1 ?
Mana Tunnel Figure Icon.png
Mana Tunnel Figure
A miniature reproduction of a Mana Tunnel that can fit in your palm.
It even replicates the effect of activating the tunnel when you bring your hand close.
2 ?~? 80 3 ?
Exploration Rescue Kit Icon.png
Exploration Rescue Kit
A portable first-aid kit is essential for travel in Iria, which is known for its rough terrain and ever-shifting climate. 3 ?~? 50 5 ?
Kaypi Cactus Essence Icon.png
Kaypi Cactus Essence
(Limited Item)
An essence used in skin care products.
Produced in Iria, where survival is paramount, you can even consume it for sustenance should the need arise.
2 ?~? 60 7 1000


Commerce Filia Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Small Glass Chunk Icon.png
Small Glass Chunk
A piece of naturally occurring glass often found on the beaches near Filia.
Although not particularly rare, they're often used for decorative purposes and costume jewelery due to their wide varieties of colors and shapes.
10 ?~? 60 1 ?
Cinnamon Perfume Icon.png
Cinnamon Perfume
An enticing, slightly spicy fragrance.
Even if you've been wandering the perilous desert for days on end, at least you won't have to worry about smelling bad.
30 ?~? 50 1 ?
Dried Saffron Icon.png
Dried Saffron
Well-dried saffron prized by culinary aficionados as a luxury spice. 25 ?~? 10 3 ?
Longa Natural Rock Salt Icon.png
Longa Natural Rock Salt
Rock salt mined on the rocky outskirts of the Longa Desert.
Most of it ends up refined for use in seasoning food, but there's also some industrial demand.
40 ?~? 5 5 ?
Filia-Style Jerky Icon.png
Filia-Style Jerky
(Limited Item)
Jerky made using the traditional Filia-style air-curing method.
It's dried just right, keeping its savory flavor without being too tough.
25 ?~? 12 7 ?


Commerce Vales Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Vales Padded Coat Icon.png
Vales Padded Coat
It's likely that every resident of Vales has at least one of these coats, known the world over for being both lightweight and warm even in the harshest cold. 1 ?~? 50 1 ?
Natural Glacial Water Icon.png
Natural Glacial Water
Pure water sourced from glacial ice in the Physis region.
It is so well-packaged that even after being boiled down, you think you can still feel its refreshing coolness.
2 ?~? 35 1 ?
Ice Skates Icon.png
Ice Skates
A pair of ice skates made by Taunes and Zeder as a side job.
They consist of sturdy, sharpened blades attached to warm and breathable boots.
The craftsmen are a bit embarrassed that this side business brings in more monay than their regular work.
1 ?~? 50 3 ?
Snowboard Icon.png
A snowboard made for quick travel across snowfields or riding them down snow-covered mountains for sport.
Made of thoughtfully chosen materials, it's both strong and flexible.
3 ?~? 20 5 ?
Vales Vodka Icon.png
Vales Vodka
(Limited Item)
Drink this finest vodka alongside a bear.
Those who have succeeded claim the bears actually appreciate it.
2 ?~? 30 7 900


Commerce Cor Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Range Max Qty. Per Slot Merchant Rating Base Stock
Courcle Ruins Souvenir Icon.png
Courcle Ruins Souvenir
An inexpensive but detailed travel souvenir fashioned in the likeness of the relics of Cor.
In the past, real relics and curios from the ruins were sold on the collector's market, but this practice has largely been discontinued due to a desire to preserve the ruins, as well as the ethical issues surrounding the removal of historical items from the region.
2 ?~? 50 1 ?
Large Ritual Mask Icon.png
Large Ritual Mask
A fairly large mask that's often used in the traditional rituals of Courcle.
Their unique shape has lead to them becoming popular decorations in other regions.
3 ?~? 40 1 ?
La Terra Raspberry Icon.png
La Terra Raspberry
A variety of raspberry that grows only in the La Terra Highlands.
It has a high sugar content and good nutritional value.
2 ?~? 60 3 ?
Artifact Restoration Tool Set Icon.png
Artifact Restoration Tool Set
A set of expertly made artifact restoration tools so reliable that they can be used to restore even artifacts requiring very delicate work.
A practiced hand hand is still required, though: it is rumored among restoration enthusiasts that someone from Tir Chonaill managed to completely destroy a rare, ancient weapon even using this kit.
2 ?~? 70 5 ?
Courcle Natural Rubber Icon.png
Courcle Natural Rubber
(Limited Item)
Natural rubber produced manually in small batches.
It trades at a high price due to its quality, low supply, and variety of uses.
5 ?~? 10 7 330

Beach of Scathach

Commerce Beach of Scathach Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Max Qty. Per Slot Possible Reward Range
Ocean Tear.png
Ocean Tear
Limit: 200 / Week
A formation of coral and pearl that evokes the beauty of the ocean. 7 Decorative Seafood x1 15 711* - 2,128*
Allure Stem.png
Allure Stem
Limit: 200 / Week
A tough, smooth stem.
Must[sic] flora taken from the Forest of Temptation crumbles quickly, so rare samples like this are highly sought after.
15 Tough Lumber x1 10 1,596* - 4,809*
Abyss Crystal.png
Abyss Crystal
Limit: 200 / Week
You feel like you might get sucked into the blackness of this crystal.
Infusing it with mana can create many colorful effects, making this a valuable decorative piece.
5 Black Crystal x1 15 1,109* - 3,331*
Sage Crystal.png
Sage Crystal
Limit: 200 / Week
A bottle of colorless crystals.
These can be used to enhance the quality of other alchemy crystals, regardless of attributes or effects.
10 White Crystal x1 15 2,186* - 6,440*
River Source.png
River's Source
Limit: 200 / Week
A blue, viscous liquid.
Adding this to potions will give them a little extra kick.
25 Sticky Sap x1 10 2,839* - 8,544*
Night Sky Leather.png
Night Sky Leather
Limit: 200 / Week
Leather that shines in the dark.
Looking into this is like looking into the night sky.
Used in high quality outfits.
4 Shiny Leather x1 30 3,597* - 10,799*
Unidentified Fish.png
Unidentified Fish
Limit: 200 / Week
Unidentifiable fish from the deep seas.
Highly valued among collectors.
5 Deep-sea Fish x1 20 2,208* - 6,309*
Crystal Blade.png
Crystal Blade
Limit: 200 / Week
A long, thin, cracked blade made out of crystal.
Used as a decoration, not a weapon; the longer, the better.
15 Crystal Column x1 10 7,740* - 21,230*
  • Not min/max of its range

Karu Forest

Commerce Karu Forest Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Max Qty. Per Slot Possible Reward Range
Wooden Table Icon.png
Wooden Table
Limit: 50 / Week
A table made with the wood of a huge tree.
Enjoy its beautiful grain and uniquely pleasant aroma.
15 Silver Plate x2
MP 300 Potion x2
10 3,410* - 4,343*
Wooden Craft Icon.png
Wooden Craft
Limit: 30 / Week
A figurine fashioned in the likeness of one found in the Rano region's ruins.
Though not of any inherently great value, they're popular as souvenirs for those visiting the region.
15 Fine Leather Strap x3
Magic Quill Pen x1
7 5,802* - 7,206*
Stone Horse Statue Icon.png
Stone Horse Statue
Limit: 20 / Week
A statue designed to accurately depict the dynamic appearance of the Stone Horse.
Rumor has it that it'll be used to promote a jousting tournament.
20 Braid x1
Magic Parchment x1
7 11,590* - 13,949*
Karu Shiitake Mushroom Icon.png
Karu Shiitake Mushroom
Limit: 15 / Week
A special variety of shiitake mushroom that grows only in the Karu Forest.
It is said to be more delicious and nutritious than normal shiitake mushrooms.
25 Hillwen Alloy x1
Demonic Ingot x2
Energy Converter x1
7 22,538* - 30,861*
Shellfish Fossil Icon.png
Shellfish Fossil
Limit: 5 / Week
A shellfish fossil found in the Muyu Desert area.
It speaks to the memories of the distant past, when the Muyu Desert was an inland sea.
30 Fused Hillwen Alloy x1
Harmonious Cosmos Perfume x2
Pet Playset x1
5 132,192* - 179,656*
  • Not min/max of its range


Commerce Oasis Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Max Qty. Per Slot Possible Reward Range
Fine Sand Icon.png
Fine Sand
Limit: 50 / Week
Sand collected from the Rupes Desert area, of a very find[sic] and silky grain.
it has many uses.
15 Wheat Flour x2
MP 500 Potion x1
10 2,644* - 3,771*
Prison Ghost Wings Icon.png
Prison Ghost Wings
Limit: 30 / Week
The wings of one of the Prison Ghosts that appear in the Metus region.
Often used for decoration due to their sleek appearance.
15 Fine Silk x3
Fine Firewood x1
7 4,742* - 6,052*
Oasis Painting Icon.png
Oasis Painting
Limit: 20 / Week
A framed painting of the beautiful scenery of an oasis.
There seems to be ongoing demand for these artworks thanks to the exotic locale they depict.
20 Mythril Plate x2
Average Firewood x4
7 9,990* - 12,545*
Cactus Flower Icon.png
Cactus Flower
Limit: 15 / Week
Cactus flowers that will bloom for a long time without withering, even without special care.
The petals can be dried and steeped to make a tea with a deep, rich fragrance.
25 Finest Fabric x5
Shyllien x4
Emerald Fuse x2
7 24,964* - 29,375*
Giant Canine Fossil Icon.png
Giant Canine Fossil
Limit: 5 / Week
The fossilized canine of a huge unknown animal.
Some suggest it could be a dragon's tooth, but no one can really confirm it.
30 Sturdy Loop x1
Transformative Aster Perfume x1
Mysterious Herb Powder x20
5 114,240* - 133,402*
  • Not min/max of its range


Commerce Calida Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Max Qty. Per Slot Possible Reward Range
Elvan Egg Icon.png
Elvan Egg
Limit: 50 / Week
Perhaps the most popular food among those bathing in hot springs.
Hot springs and elvan eggs go together like chocolate and mint.
15 Gold Plate x3
HP 300 Potion x3
10 3,032* - 4,349*
Calida Salmon Icon.png
Calida Salmon
Limit: 30 / Week
Whether raw, smoked, or grilled, Calida salmon is delicious no matter how you eat it. 15 Tough String x2
HP 500 Potion x1
7 5,105* - 7,380*
Hot Spring Bath Bomb Icon.png
Hot Spring Bath Bomb
Limit: 20 / Week
A bath bomb that creates rich foam reputed to keep your skin smooth and light.
Surprisingly, its all-natural ingredients mean the bathwater is safe for the environment.
20 Finest Leather Strap x1
Finest Firewood x1
7 12,308* - 15,988*
Large Camping Tent Icon.png
Large Camping Tent
Limit: 15 / Week
A camping tent known for its great durability and reliability.
With this helpful shelter, you can camp comfortably anywhere in Erinn.
25 Cotton Cushion Stuffing x1
Energy Amplifier x1
Spin Gear x1
7 25,454* - 33,733*
Pink Salt Icon.png
Pink Salt
Limit: 5 / Week
Salt produced in small quantities with strict quality control.
It has almost no bitterness, and its mild, savory taste lingers in your mouth.
30 Shiny String x1
Shrimp Taming Bait x20
Enchanted Firewood x5
5 122,880* - 150,784*
  • Not min/max of its range


Commerce Pera Icon.png

Item Name Description Weight Cost Max Qty. Per Slot Possible Reward Range
Volcanic Mud Pack Icon.png
Volcanic Mud Pack
Limit: 50 / Week
A mud pack made of fine soil from a volcanic region
Spread this paint-like on your face to rejuvinate your skin and liven up your complexion.
15 Copper Plate x3
Stamina 300 Potion x1
10 3,202* - 4,165*
Magma Stone Icon.png
Magma Stone
Limit: 30 / Week
A magma stone hardened while imbued with mana, remaining warm for a very long time.
When all the mana it holds is exhausted, it becomes no different from a normal stone.
15 Fine Fabric x2
Tough Thread x2
7 7,332* - 9,098*
Ixion Horn Icon.png
Ixion Horn
Limit: 20 / Week
The horn of an Ixion, a rare creature encountered in volcanic regions.
It is often used as a material for expensive crafts because of its beautiful shape and the ease of working with it.
20 Finest Silk x3
Sundew x1
7 13,474* - 16,219*
Volcano Lizard Egg Icon.png
Volcano Lizard Egg
Limit: 15 / Week
It is said that Volcano Lizards can be tamed if you hatch their eggs and raise them by hand.
Few, however, seem to have put in the effort to try it themselves.
25 Poison Tip Wyvern Ballista Bolt x4
Demonic Wood Board x3
Stamina 500 Potion x2
7 27,306* - 40,390*
Raspa Black Leopard Leather Icon.png
Raspa Black Leopard Leather
Limit: 5 / Week
The leather of Black Leopards, which occasionally appear in volcanic regions,
is highly valued due to the big cats' relative rarity
30 Large Mythril Nail x3
Courageous Borage Perfume x5
Spirit Liqueur x1
5 140,160* - 192,000*
  • Not min/max of its range

Trade Assistant Imp Shop

Note: the limited offers in the Assistant Imp's shop vary from channel to channel, so if you're looking for something check all channels.


  • According to the Trade Assistant Imp, the Falias Artifacts found in the shop were actually stolen from Falias.
  • While controlling the Wagon, the player takes control of the Horses, similar to riding the Alaskan Husky, Malamute and Reindeer pets with the ability to sled in snow.
  • Elvan Eggs are a Korean baked egg found in Korean Spas (called 찜질방 - jjimjilbang). They are traditionally made on (and get their name from) a type of quartz-porphyry stone (called 맥반석- maekbanseok, literally wheat/barley rice stone).