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Pet AI

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  • Pet Artificial Intelligence, often abbreviated as Pet AI, is a built intelligence for Pets or Partners to respond to certain reactions.
  • When summoned, Pets/Partners are set to the last AI that was manually selected, meaning that using Pet Commands for setting an AI will not change the AI after the next summon.
  • Only changing the AI manually through the "Behavior Setting" options, or the "AI Settings" in the Pet Window, will affect the AI on the next summon.
  • Changing the AI from the "Behavior Setting" or "AI Settings" window will only affect the current pet that is out.
  • Custom AIs can be created using the in game Pet AI Editor.

Changing the AI

  • You may access the AI menu by either pressing 'T' and choosing the "AI Settings" button, or by right-clicking your summoned Pet/Partner and choosing "Behavior Settings." From there, you may select one of four basic AIs.
  • You can import an AI from the internet via copy and paste. First, copy the entire AI coding from the web by highlighting it and right-click -> Copy, then, go back in-game and choose "New AI" from the AI menu, then click the "See Source" Tab, and then click "Paste." Name the AI and choose confirm.
  • You may also edit the currently-existing AIs, using the Pet AI Editor. You cannot do this until you make a copy of the AI, however.

Default AI's

You can tell which AI is one of the default, because they have a '*' symbol in front of their name.
These are the default AI's you can select:

  • Auto Attack Mode - Pet will target and battle enemies nearby on its own.
  • Collaborative Mode - Pet will attack with the master.
  • Healing Mode - Pet continuously uses Healing on its master.
  • Command Mode - Pet does nothing until commanded. See Pet Commands.

The default AI's cannot be deleted or edited, but they can however be copied to make an editable duplicate.