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Pets Only Animal Dungeon! Event (2015)

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For similar events, see Animal Dungeon Event (disambiguation).
April 29th, 2015 - May 19th, 2015
Animal Dungeon Event advertisement


Pets all over Uladh are entering a dungeon their masters can't. Step into the shoes of your favorite companion and conquer Ciar dungeon alone or in a pet party.[1]

Event dates:

Wednesday, April 29 - Tuesday, May 19

  • Log in to the game as any pet.
  • Speak to the Weird Cat NPC located in Duncan's house and receive a Ciar Event Dungeon Pass.
  • Place the Dungeon Pass on the altar at the entrance to Ciar Dungeon.
  • Multiple pets may form a party and enter the dungeon together.
  • Difficulty is similar to Beginner Ciar Dungeon
  • Puppy Cape Outfit (M)
  • Cat Cape Outfit (F)
  • Kitty Ear Headband
  • Cat Paw Club
  • Rabbit Mask
  • Carrot-Eating Rabbit Mask
  • Leather Bunny Headband 3
  • Furry Bunny Headband 3
  • Starry Bunny Headband 3
  • Bunny Gloves
  • Bunny Fur Shoes
  • Bear Gloves
  • Bear Shoes
  • Enchant Scroll - Red Panda
  • Enchant Scroll - Husky
  • Enchant Scroll - Pumpkin
  • Enchant Scroll - Mimic
  • Enchant Scroll - Elephant
  • Enchant Name - White Tiger
  • Enchant Scroll - Lion
  • Enchant Scroll - Chicken
  • Enchant Scroll - Duck
  • Enchant Scroll - Rabbit
  • Enchant Scroll- White Fox
  • Enchant Scroll
  • Red Upgrade Stone
  • Blue Upgrade Stone
  • HP 300 Potion
  • MP 300 Potion
  • Stamina 300 Potion


  • Log in during the event to receive the Call of the Strange Cat quest.
  • Talk to the Weird Cat located inside the Chief's House in Tir Chonaill while logged in as the pet to receive a Ciar Event Pass.
    • The pass may be obtained an indefinite number of times; however, it will not provide a pass if the player already has one. This can be remedied by dropping all passes and then talking to the Weird Cat.
  • Drop the pass onto Ciar Dungeon's altar and clear the dungeon. The event rewards are located within the end room chests.
    • The dungeon is similar to Ciar Beginner.
    • Be warned that the pet's summoning time will still deplete in the dungeon.
      • It is suggested to run the dungeon with a party, allowing for fast completion.


Call of the Strange Cat
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Animal Dungeon Event.

Briefing Meow... I can feel a special aura coming from Ciar Dungeion. -The Strange Cat -
  • 1000 Experience Points
  • 1000 Gold