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Weird Cat

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Portrait of Weird CatFile:Weird Cat.png
Weird Cat
Race Cat
Gender Male
Occupation Developer Mascot
Location Tir Chonaill
(Inside Chief's House)
Track devCAT




The Weird Cat, also known as the Strange Cat, is Duncan's pet[1]. Noted for its unsightly appearance, not much is known about its past. Duncan claims that it "randomly" appeared inside his house, and decided to let it stay anyway. Unlike most animal NPCs, the Weird Cat does not particularly respond to Pet characters that talk to it.

The Weird Cat is actually the mascot of DevCAT Studio (the original developer of Mabinogi: Fantasy Life).

The Weird Cat handles the Guide Quests that teach players about the Altruism Quest Board and how it can be used to get help or offer help to other players. Once a player has successfully completed both Guide Quests, the Weird Cat will off access to an alert system that Altruists can use to find players in need. The system is initially turned off, and can be turned on or off once per Erinn day. The first person who clicks on a notification will accept the petitioner's request.



  • The first time a character attempts to speak with the Weird Cat after signing up for Altruism Quest Board alerts, they are likely to get trapped in a dialogue window.
    • It is only possible to resolve this issue by using the Traveler's Guide to teleport or by forcibly closing the game.


Track Title
Speaking to the weird cat