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Piercing Level

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Not to be confused with Armor Pierce.

Basic Information

  • Piercing Level ignores a portion of the enemy's Defense and Protection during damage calculations.
    • Both Phyiscal and Magical Stats are affected by Piercing Level.
    • Piercing Level will not cause Defense or Protection to go into negatives below 0.
  • Lances and many other Other Weapons have initial Piercing Levels or Piercing obtainable through Weapon Upgrades.
    • The Nightbringer Trickster can grant Marionettes a Piercing Level.
    • Lances may have their Piercing Level increased by the following Lance-only enchants:
    • Other types of weapon can have their Piercing Level increased through Enchants. However, this only takes effect if the Weapon already has Piercing.
  • Piercing Levels can also be gained from certain non-weapon sources.
    • Certain Titles with Piercing effects, and non-weapon Equipment with innate Piercing (Destructive Robe, Irusan's Bell) apply to all damage dealt while they are equipped.
    • Exploit Weakness (at Technique Level 10) grants 1 Piercing Level while active.
    • Pulse of Purification has 0-3 innate Piercing Levels depending on its rank.
    • Seething Mana can grant between 1-4 Piercing Levels to Magic and Dark Diviner Skills depending on its Skill Rank, the user's Magic Attack, and their Arcana Link Level.

Piercing Level Chart

  • Below is a list of Piercing Levels and the amount of Defense and Protection ignored on each level.
  • Capped at Level 9.
    • It is possible to go above Level 9, but it will still be -80 Defense and -45 Protection.
Piercing Level Defense Ignored Protection Ignored
1 6 5
2 12 10
3 20 15
4 30 20
5 40 25
6 50 30
7 60 35
8 70 40
9+ 80 45

Damage Increase with Piercing against Enemy Protection

  • Below are tables showing about how much Damage increases based on an Enemy's Protection versus Piercing Level 1 and Piercing Level 9.