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Basic Information

  • Lances are massive and powerful two-handed weapons only usable by Humans and Giants.
  • Giants may equip a Shield with a lance.
  • Lances receive a 20% damage and 5% Critical rate bonus when using Smash.
  • Lance Counter and Lance Charge are skills unique to lances.
  • Any currently loaded skill will be canceled when a lance is equipped.
  • The damage, critical rate, and hit count of lances are increased by the Lance Mastery skill.
  • Lances have 200 more range than other melee weapons. Because of this, lances can intercept normal attacks from enemies provided the player has good timing and very low latency.
    • The faster an enemy is moving, the more difficult this is to accomplish.
    • Lances are unable to intercept the Charge skill.
    • Despite attacking from afar, Instinctive Reaction can still intercept lances.
    • Lances cannot hit switches from afar.
    • Lances can be used to 'open' Mimics from afar, allowing players to get the first hit.
  • Lances have a minimum attack distance penalty, that is, players cannot attack enemies lower than this distance.
  • When using Assault Slash with a lance, the player will land farther away from the enemy than normal.
    • Sometimes, when the player attempts to use Assault Slash after a Lance Smash, the "Target is too far away" message will appear, despite the enemy being in range.
      • This can be fixed by ranking Assault Slash, which increases the distance the player may use it.

Piercing Level

For the main article, see Piercing Level.
Piercing Level Defense Ignored Protection Ignored
1 6 5
2 12 10
3 20 15
4 30 20
5 40 25
6 50 30
7 60 35
8 70 40
9+ 80 45