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Portrait of Researcher
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Researcher
Location Dunbarton - Poulnabrone


Researcher investigates the Poulnabrone Rock, which seems to have a connection with Dungeons spread around all over Uladh.


Dungeon Pass
Pass Price (g)
Alby Basic Fomor Pass 1,700
Ciar Basic Fomor Pass 2,300
Math Basic Fomor Pass 5,000
Rabbie Basic Fomor Pass 9,000
Barri Basic Fomor Pass 16,000
Coil Basic Fomor Pass 24,000
Fiodh Intermediate Fomor Pass 31,000
Rundal Basic Fomor Pass 35,000
Peaca Basic Fomor Pass 39,000
Magical Item
Item Price (g)
Wings of the Blue Goddess (Poulnabrone) x 1 500
Wings of the Blue Goddess (Poulnabrone) x 10 5,000
Restorative Potion x 1 50,000
Restorative Potion x 5 250,000