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Rest in Paradise

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Rest in Paradise[1]
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A book that entails a paradise where eternal rest awaits. Raises the rank of Rest to 9.

Obtain From A quest obtained by talking to Effie while Hunger is low.
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Tradability Tradable
Effects Completes training to raise Rest to Rank 9
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Crafted Into
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Other Servers KR JP TW CN
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
- Rest in Paradise -
by Carasek

What is the likelihood that there really is a true paradise or heaven of sorts out there?
Honestly, even if there was a place like that, I don't think I'd ever want to go there.
I figure there's probably a certain type of person that lives in paradise.

It's probably made up of people who are poor, needy and dying,
or of those sad priests in the church of Lymilark, bending over backwards for other's needs;
people who probably lived their lives like total idiots, so honest and true, never telling a single lie.
But in all honestly, why would I want to go to a heaven that is like this?

I'd rather just go to hell.
Hell would most likely be made up of people dressed in gold and silver from head to toe, the aristocrats
and knights who'd died while fighting their lives away in the battlegrounds, the corrupted priests
and the lost souls; overall, probably the kind of people who actually knew how to enjoy their lives.

If only we could enjoy ourselves with these people to eternity
then would that not be true rest afterall?