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Church of Lymilark

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Basic Information

Lymilark Church icon.png

The Church of Lymilark is a religious organization of worshipers of Lymilark, one of the three second tier gods of Erinn, the other two being Hymerark and Jeamiderark. It is the religious group with the biggest influence across the Aliech Kingdom, therefore have the most worshipers. Little is known about the other two religious organizations present in Uladh.

Lymilark is the God of Love, under the direct command of the creator of Erinn: Aton Cimeni. They are the creator of Erg, the life force energy in Erinn, which is the energy radiated from Palala and also the base of the fundamental power of Mana.

They operate from the Pontiff's Court in the Aliech Kingdom's capital, Tara, but have a branch in Emain Macha from which they operate from within central Uladh[1].


The Lymilark Church is well established in the Aliech Empire, with Church Houses in:

They also have a delegate in Bangor to rebuild its church[2], which has burned down in an accident involving fire[3]

Known Priests

The Temple Knights

Temple knights.png

The Temple Knights, is an order of Knights who are sworn to protect the interests of the Lymilark Church, and work under the authority of the Pontiff's Court. Unofficially, the Chamberlain is in charge of their order.

Known Former Members


The following teachings of the Church of Lymilark have appeared in-game:

  • "Thou shalt not attack others. Ask thyself if anyone suffered wounds inflicted by thee without knowing and repent thy sins. The wounded are also our Lord's beloved. How dare a mere being like thee attack thine brother and hurt him. Reckon ye as a father the heart of God."
  • "Do not attack others. Repent your sins for unknowingly attacking someone, causing great distress."
  • "Fighting begetteth fighting, and that fighting begetteth more fighting... Therefore, in harmony and understanding ye shall endeavor to live instead of fighting, embracing and loving one another instead of jealousy and envy. Repeated fighting in the end shall be the ruin of all... "
    • Recited by Kristell when using the Ranged Attack Keyword.
    • Appears to be based on the real-world phrase "violence begets violence" attributed to Martin Luther King Jr., which itself is likely based on the saying "live by the sword, die by the sword" from the Bible.
  • "Love is made possible only when your hearts are emptied and someone else fills them. Remember ye this word and endeavor to love."
  • "Human love is like water in a lake; if it floods, then it also overflows. So when in a drought, it can become dried out..."
  • "If ye hate someone, your emotions wound not the hated but your souls. Feeling and embracing a wounded soul is a time of great pain however quick it may be."
  • "Why turn your faces away from self-evident truth? Face ye the truth and follow in obedience, for it is right."
  • "For greater is he who fosters reconciliation and understanding over argument; who abides in tolerance and loving-kindness rather than nursing a jealous and quarrelsome heart."
    • Recited by Eirawen and Llywelyn during the events of Generation 22


  • Some believe that the three second tier gods: Lymilark, Hymerark and Jeamiderark are a trinity that makes Aton Cimeni (similar to the Trinity belief).
  • Cichol and Morrighan both wear symbols that resemble those of the Church of Lymilark.
  • The symbol of Lymilark is a rotated Celtic Cross.


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