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Portrait of Carasek
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Captain
Location Port Cobh
(Boat to the Commonwealth of Belvast)

Track Old Superstar


He has the provocative complexion of dark rum and has a detailed tattoo on him. And with his white hair like the foam of the ocean waters he smiles a gentle smile that is much like the wet sand on the beach.

Carasek is a Captain stationed boarded the ship that travels between Port Cobh and the Commonwealth of Belvast. He has now changed his job duties and is now the captain of ships that depart to and from Port Cobh. He normally talks very slowly with an occasional stutter but is unpredictably volatile at times which catches most people off guard.


He was a popular troubadour during his days of youth, and would often perform extreme shows such as igniting a fire on the lute or playing it with his teeth; but due to a scandal about a potion addiction, he had to fold his dreams and return to his hometown to take over his family business of marine transportation. He was given a second chance to do something with his life, hence he became a sailor. Captain Carasek, to this day, remains nostalgic of his youthful days as a musician.

Although he suffers from occasional dementia, he hasn't posed any threat to the safety of the ship and his sailors. Some wonder whether his exotic tattoos that cover most of his body serve as mementos to keep his symptoms of dementia in check.

Carasek seems to care more about skills than the build of a ship or even having great mapping skills. According to Carasek, seamanship is prized above all else when handling a ship. He also calls himself a peacekeeper of sorts, stating that if someone punched him in one cheek, he would lend his other cheek to be punched as well. He does not believe in any gods and praises music as his own form of god. However he quickly changes the subject to the ship and how it carried his joys and sorrows. He does seem to be rude at times.

He also has a younger brother, Karis, who runs the boat that travels between Port Cobh and Port Qilla. Carasek trained Karis in the ways of handling the small boat and eventually gave it to him along with the job of handling the ship back and forth. He also seemed to be an influence in Karis's life, which may explain the similar looks between the two.



Carasek has authored multiple books:



Track Title
Old Superstar[1]
Speaking to Carasek or Karis


  • Strangely, Carasek is not piloting the ship. In fact, there is no one at the steering wheel.
  • Carasek apparently hired part-time workers at some point until rumors came up that he was running a slave ship. Since then he stopped hiring workers.
  • Using the Lute Keyword on Berched reveals that Carasek went to him for alcohol rehabilitation 20 years ago.