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Scorching Crest

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For the other Arcana crests, see Ice-Scorched Crest.


Scorching crest of the Elemental Knight Scorching crest of the Harmonic Saint Scorching crest of the Alchemic Sharpshooter Scorching crest of the Dark Diviner
2 x 2

A scorching crest forged to harmonize with the Arcana. Collect these to unlock Arcana Links.

Methods to Obtain

  • Converting Smoldering Thread through the Flame Podium in the Arcana Association room.

Used in


  • Ranking up the Link of corresponding Arcana. (up to Link level 5)


  • This item is managed separately from the inventory. It is bound to the character once obtained, similarily to Stardust materials.
  • Scorching crests are forged for one specific Arcana alone. They cannot be used for other purposes than their corresponding Arcana.