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Smoldering Thread

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Inventory icon of Smoldering Thread

1 × 1
Stack: 100

A mystical flame, that flickers within many entangled threads. Their power is essential to unlocking Arcana Links, but the threads must first be forged into a specific sigil before they can be used to strengthen Arcana. If left unrefined, the flame will eventually flicker out.

Methods to Obtain


  • Expires in 7 days.
  • Can be sold to NPCs for 0 Gold per unit.
  • Can be sold to others.
  • Can be sold other players in the Auction House.
  • Can be dropped.
  • Can be picked up by others.
  • Can be destroyed.
  • Cannot be put in the Special Inventory tab.
  • Can be stored in a pet.
  • Can be put in the bank.
  • Can be withdrawn by other characters.

Used In


  • Creating Scorching Crests via Crest Forging.
    • 1 Smoldering Thread and 10,000 gold is required to forge one Arcana crest.