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Secrets to Healthy Living

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Secrets to Healthy Living[1]
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A book that explains case by case, when Rest is useful and how it could help. If you read it carefully, you can increase your Rest skill from about rank 8 to rank 7.

Obtain From Alby Basic Reward, Tara Auctions (Old), Fishing at Avon,Pet Expedition/Rewards
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Effects Rank 8 Rest Training
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- Case Study: The Secret to a Healthy Lifestyle -

Author Unknown

It is crucial for all living things in the universe to maintain harmony.

Humans are no exception, as maintaining a perfect balance of the mind body is the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Let's take a look at ways to maintain a good balance of mind and body through some case studies.

Case Study 1

Mr. S from Dunbarton (Age:25,M,Magic Research)

"I usually spend my days in a laboratory conducting magic research. Some days, when research is going well, I lose track of time and stay in the laboratory for a few days at a time.

Once in awhile, I get severe migraines from staying up all night, and even get chills and fever-like symptoms for unknown reasons. No matter how long I rest, it doesn't seem to get better. I think I just have a weak immune system."

Is resting the best thing Mr. S can do in this situation? Of course, resting alone can and does recover the body to a certain degree.

However, for people like Mr. S who constantly exercise their brain and expend significant mental energy, achieving a balanced harmony of the mind and body is far more important than simple resting.

A mind that is stressed and overworked does not fully recover simply by resting the body.

If anything, increasing the stress level of the body to match the level of the brain can be more beneficial.

For example, going outside for a light stretch or a hike, or even digging up some potatoes can refresh and re-energize you. How about some light sword practice?

Case Study 2

Mr. T from Emain Macha (Age: 42,M,Guard)

"My job is to protect the entire city. I've been doing it for more than 20 years now. Aren't I getting a bit too old for this? No way. That's insulting. I still train every single day. I can still go without sleep for a few days, no problem.

But...I have been noticing some differences. When the weather gets gloomy, like when it's about to rain, my knees start to ache. And right around the time my shift ends, the back of my neck is stiff and tense... I probably just need a good night's rest."

Many people think that relieving the body of stress after it has been overworked is the key to recovery, but in actuality, this couldn't be further from the truth.

In the case of Mr. T, stimulating his mind to match the stress level of his body can help him reach a better balance of mind and body.

Some of the recommended activities, such as reading a book, meditating, or even writing a letter to a loved one, can help balance the harmony of the mind and body.

So then, when exactly do we need to rest? The following is a perfect Example.

Case Study 3

Mr. A from Qilla Camp (Age: 35,M,Explorer)

"I am an explorer. When I was young, I used to read all sorts of books on exploration and always dreamed of someday exploring those place with my own two feet.

But in reality, exploring is very different from what I used to imagine. Spending countless hours exploring and researching relics has taken a tremendous toll on my body and mind.

Until I can regain my youthful energy, I think I should rest my body even if that means feeling restless for awhile."

In the case of Mr. A, he has gradually built up physical and mental stress from years of research/exploration. Therefore, his body and mind have both been drained to the point that he can no longer explore or conduct research.

That's right! For someone like Mr. A, Resting is the best way to recover.

Mental stress alone can be balanced by increasing physical activity, but if both mental and physical stress exceeds a certain level, it begins to weigh a person down.

In that situation, the Rest skill has been proven the most effective.

A person who has a balanced harmony of the body and mind, but has exceeded both levels of stress, can receive the most benefits from resting.

Resting is as simple as temporarily freeing your body and mind from all things: relaxing in the warm sun or having a drink while listening to nice music.

Even small amounts of rest at the right time can alleviate stress and allow you to recover your energy. It can also radically lower both levels of stress.

Resting in any situation will have some level of effect. However, it may not be the most effective solution for every situation.

By reviewing the case studies discussed above, see which recovery method is suitable for you and continue to actively pursue a healthy lifestyle.

With that, I conclude the secrets to a healthy lifestyle as seen through case studies.