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Portrait of Seumas
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Excavation Manager
Location Gairech Hill


A man with dark-dark shoulder straps and a worn down shirt, and a nice tan. He digs the ground with a Pickaxe in his callused hands, occasionally wiping off sweat. His strong chin is covered with a short dark beard, while his hair and clothes are covered in white dust.

Seumas currently works with two part-timers in the Dragon Ruins in Gairech, just outside the town of Bangor, where he and his son, Sion, lives. His job seems very demanding, that he has left Sion to operate the Watermill alone back in town. Travelers meeting Seumas often find him diligently working, and often out of breath.

Aside from his excavation work, Seumas is also able to sell Hunting and Party Quest Scrolls in his shop.


Seumas' Equipment