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Erinn Martial Arts Competition

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For a quick comparison of theater missions and difficulties, see Theater Mission.
For other missions, see Category:Theater Missions.

Martial Arts Competition Promoional Banner.png


  • Purchase the Erinn Martial Arts Competition, Round 1 pass from Marlowe for 10,000g.
  • There are 9 rounds in the competition.
    • After completing each round, everyone in the party will receive a new pass, which will be placed under the Special Inventory if there is space, with an expiry time of 2 hours.
      • All party members will receive a Erinn Martial Arts Competition, Round # at Round 2 to 6.
      • All party members will receive a Erinn Martial Arts Competition, Semi Finals at Round 7.
      • All party members will receive a Erinn Martial Arts Competition, Finals at Round 8.
      • All party members will receive a Erinn Martial Arts Competition, Final Round at Round 9.
      • Only the party leader needs to use their pass, however every party member will lose their pass on entry.
    • After completing the 8th round, all party members will receive the journal entry "Destroy {Team Name} Signboard". There is one for each 8th round town.
    • After completing the boss round, all party members will receive the journal entry "Fleta! Show yourself!".
    • If the party is unable to fight, time runs out, or has completed the final round, the party must start over from round 1.
  • Defeat the enemies.
    • The opposing teams hail from different towns. Defeat them all to receive the pass to the next team.
      • The opposing teams placed within each round is randomized, excluding Team Boss which is always placed in the final round.
        • Players will never encounter the same team again during the run-through of all 8 normal rounds.
      • Each round becomes progressively harder than the previous, regardless of the team being fought. For example, Tir Chonaill on Round 1 has low HP and damage, but Tir Chonaill on Round 8 has dramatically increased stats.
    • Unlike normal enemies, the teams possess combatants who can play certain roles (i.e. Melee, Ranged, Magic, Healing, and Alchemy) for their team.
    • Unlike normal enemies, the opponents can use skills not used by regular monsters (i.e. Party Healing, Assault Slash, Charge, and Evasion).
  • Caution: While this mission is only on Basic, the NPCs are more powerful than Elite.
  • For information on strategies, see the Notes Section.

Mission Information

  • Stage Difficulty: Basic
  • Party Size: 1~6
  • Time Limit: 15 minutes
  • Info: Defeat all the opponents in the Martial Arts Competition.
  • Round 1 ~ Finals: The Martial Arts Competition is held by the representatives from each village in Erinn. Would you like to participate? - Duncan -
  • Final Round: Amazing! You bested all challengers, and emerged the victor. Now Fleta is begging to fight against you after seeing your awesome skills at the competition. She's gathered teammates, too. Are you up to the challenge? - Duncan -


Tir Chonaill Crest.png Tir Chonaill
My slippery hands were just MADE for this day!
Tir Chonaill might seem peaceful and sleepy, but I'll show you what we can do!



Dunbarton Crest.png Dunbarton
This dance from the soul will end your ambitions!
Dunbarton sends its message with clear, decisive action.



Bangor Crest.png Bangor
Thirteen years of mining will give you muscles like this...
We'll show you the power of true men! For Bangor!



Emain Macha Crest.png Emain Macha
For love and for justice, we will be victorious!
Beauty leads to victory! For Emain Macha!



Taillteann Crest.png Taillteann
We came to show everyone what humans are capable of.
Taillteann represents the pinnacle of human's wisdom!



Tara Crest.png Tara
I'll show you the power that's worthy of the kingdom's capital.
Feast your eyes on the pride of Tara!



Human Union.png Iria Human Union
Watch, and witness the true power of Iria's gifted!
Introducing the Iria Human Alliance, the bearers of ancient power!



Elf and Giant Union.png Elf and Giant Union
Neither the Giants nor the Elves will fall today. It will be you!
The Elves and Giants of Iria, once united, cannot be defeated!



Silver Celtic Knot.png Boss
Grr... You really made it this far. Do you have what it takes to rise to the top?
Or will your race for glory end here? Here are the final contenders in the Martial Arts Competition!




Experience and Gold

Round 1
48,000 EXP and 2,000G
Round 2
60,000 EXP and 2,500G
Round 3
75,000 EXP and 3,000G
Round 4
96,000 EXP and 3,500G
Round 5
117,000 EXP and 4,000G
Round 6
138,000 EXP and 4,500G
166,000 EXP and 5,000G
192,000 EXP and 10,000G
Final Round (Boss)
277,000 EXP and 20,000G
1,169,000 EXP and 54,500G




Round 1 ~ 4
Round 5 ~ 6
Semi-Finals ~ Finals
Final Round (Boss)


Alchemy Crystals


For a list of strategies, see here.

  • Summoners (Deian of Tir Chonaill and Ruwai of Iria Human Alliance) should be taken care of first, as their summons can overwhelm the party.
  • Healers (Duncan of Tir Chonaill, Comgan of Bangor, Collen of Taillteann, Corentin of Tara, and Atrata of Elf and Giant Union) should also be dealt with as soon as possible, as they can nurse their team back to health and prolong the round.
  • Players should be wary when fighting the alchemists (Simon of Dunbarton, Eabha and Dorren of Taillteann, and Sinead of Tara), as their Water Cannon and Heat Buster can deal over 1,000 damage and likely defeat the player in one hit.
  • Using Play Dead is not advised as the NPCs are likely to use either Assault Slash or Windmill.