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Category:Skill Quests

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For quests related to the Fishing, Cooking, Taming, and Transformation Journals, see Collection Journal Quests.
For skill quests related to becoming a Grandmaster, see Grandmaster/Grandmaster Challenges.
For storyline quests, see Mainstream Quests.
For other sidequests, see Category:Sidequests.
  • Skill Quests are quests that are received automatically after reaching a certain skill rank.
    • They are meant to reward players for diligence in training.
  • Some Skill Quests are obtained when the player equips a weapon or rebirths into a specific talent. The quest will be listed on the Skills tab on the Quest menu.
  • Most Quests will become available when the character reaches a certain rank of a previously obtained skill. The player will then receive a quest automatically or by talking to certain specific NPCs.
  • It is advised to finish any previous quest before moving onto another one to prevent confusion and a halt in progress even if certain conditions are met.

This category regroups story quests related to a Talent, or quests relative to a specific Skills within a talent.