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Mainstream Quests

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For side-quests relative to the mainstream story, see Category:Sidequests.
For the talent-specific quests, see Category:Skill Quests.

Basic Information

  • Mainstream Quests are special quests that follow the storyline of Mabinogi: Fantasy Life.

General Advice and Common Knowledge

  • You may transfer other players via the Avon Feather or through the use of Partners and carriages.
  • Remember to tag Moon Gates and Mana Tunnels so you can return to them later on.
    • You only need to tag once per character. Rebirth will not remove memory of the tags.
    • Ceo Island comes pre-memorized.
    • To tag, click on the gate. You do not have to actually use it.
  • Any player who is on a part of a quest that is not a role-play (RP) may share that mission; it will be completed for both, regardless of the mission's difficulty.
    • There are a few exceptions, like in Generation 1 Find the Black Orb quest. It must be done per player, since it only give one orb.
  • You can use Shadow Crystals to increase the Experience and Gold reward of Shadow Missions that do not otherwise say they are Theatre Missions or Dungeons.
    • These cannot be used on the final mission of any generation, and it cannot be used on generation missions taking place at Shadow Tara Rath Royal Castle or its Underground Waterway.
  • Missions and Dungeons with NPCs typically will not progress if the NPC whom is on your side dies.
  • All missions are by default Shadow Missions unless they are otherwise said to be Theatre Missions.
    • This includes missions that at no point involve the Stonehenge.
  • Opening the boss door of Chapter 1's Dungeons after the Party Leader has left in some way will automatically result in a failure cinema, and all party members will be forcibly booted from the dungeon.
  • Attempting to clear Chapter 3's Shadow Missions after the Party Leader has left in some way will automatically result a failure once all objectives are completed.
  • When awaiting the delivery of the next quest in a sequence, avoid camping indoors (such as Lassar's or Stewart's offices), as these won't be reached by the delivery owls.
  • If you somehow fail a Dungeon involving a special pass or a Shadow Mission, simply talk to the NPC who gave you the pass or entry to the instance. If a Keyword was issued while receiving the pass the first time, speak to the NPC using that keyword.
  • Keywords obtained from generations are lost or replaced after their corresponding objective is complete.
  • For Humans who did Chapter 1 prior to the Generation 16, Season 2 Update, they may do the newer version of Chapter 1 by speaking to Lorna.
    • Elves, Giants, and new Humans will receive the new version of Chapter 1, and will never be able to do the old Chapter 1 on those characters.
    • If you had your transformation skills prior to the update, nothing will change your transformation skill ranks.


When planning an order for completing the mainstream quests, it helps to remember the situations where one quest must be completed before another may be started. The following diagram displays these order dependencies:

Chapter 1 Generation 1: Advent of the Goddess Generation 2: Paladin Generation 3: Dark Knight
Dark Knight Quest[1]
Chapter 2[2] Generation 7: Ancient Secrets of Irinid Generation 8: Dragon
Chapter 3 Generation 9: Alchemist Generation 10: Goddess of Light Generation 11: Sword of the Gods Generation 12: Return of the Hero
Corrupted Alchemist The Underground Waterway
Chapter 4 Generation 13: Hamlet Generation 14: Romeo and Juliet Generation 15: Merchant of Venice Generation 16: Macbeth
Ascon's request For Golvan
Chapter 5 Generation 17: The Saga: Iria Generation 18: The Saga: Iria II
Chapter 6 Generation 19: The Divine Knights Generation 20: The Gate of Sanctuary Generation 21: Finale
Chapter 7 Generation 22: Apocalypse Generation 23: Tempest Generation 24: Ascension Generation 25: Eclipse
Ascent to the Throne
  1. The Dark Knight Quest is Human-only.
  2. Generation 3 must be completed to start Chapter 2.
  • Since Generation 16 Season 2, Elves and Giants instead do Generations 1 through 3 and have their own version of 2 and 3.
  • Sidequests should not be confused with Mainstream Quests as they appear in the same quest tabs but have nothing to do with Mainstream Quests.
  • Chapter 1 quests appear in the Advent of the Goddess tab, Chapter 2 quests appear in the Storyline tab, Chapter 3 quests appear in the Alchemist tab, Chapter 4 quests appear in the Shakespeare tab, The Saga: Iria quests appear in the Saga tab, Chapter 6 quests appear in The Divine Knights tab, and Chapter 7 quests appear in the Apocalypse tab.
    • These tabs disappear when you no longer have quests.
  • The rewards of Generations 2 (Paladin), 10 (Demigod), 12 (Wings of Rage & Wings of Eclipse), and the bonus towards the end of 11 (Shadow Spirit) are all advised to be obtained as low a level as possible because their skill rewards obtain skill training by leveling up.
  • Missions and dungeons in chapter 3 and beyond have difficulties that are either fixed or based on the player's cumulative level, depending on the generation.
    • Difficulty for dungeons of said chapters will vary. On occasion, it will be based on the Mission difficulty milestones where, depending on your total level, you will get the Basic or Intermediate versions of the dungeon with altered numbers of rooms. It may also have its own milestones rather than the barriers between different difficulties in Shadow Missions.
      • Dungeons in Chapter 1 and 2 will never be level-based.
    • Mission and dungeon difficulty that depend on the player's cumulative level are as follows:
      • Basic: 1-99
      • Intermediate: 100-299
      • Advanced: 300-999
      • Hard: 1,000+
  • The Saga episodes may be done in any order, but only one at a time may be attempted.