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For Talent information, see Talent.
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A Grandmaster corresponds to the highest level of mastery of a Talent.

  • Holding Grandmaster status allows you to equip the respective talent title at the Grandmaster level.
    • You will not lose the status upon switching to a different active talent.
  • Grandmaster talents provide a higher bonus than that of a level 15 talent, and in addition provides unique effects.

[Guide] The Grandmaster's Path

How to Get Quest

Obtain 1 Master level talent and reach cumulative level 10,000.

Briefing If you wish to advance a talent, visit Duke Lezarro in Tara so he can recognize your achievement.
  • 20,000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Introduces the player to Grandmaster talents.

Achieving the Grandmaster talent level is required to unlock Arcana talents.

Becoming a Grandmaster

  • To become a Grandmaster, speak to Lezarro and take on his challenges.
    • Your talent must be level 15 (Master) in order to accept his tasks.
  • The grandmaster quest you wish to do does not require you to have that talent as your active one.
    • Similarly, you can have any active talent when becoming a Grandmaster.
  • When one becomes a Grandmaster for the first and 20th time, a message is broadcast over the server of that person's accomplishment
  • The newly acquired Grandmaster Talent will be automatically equipped.
  • Resetting skills that bring the talent status out of Grandmaster will remove its effects, however re-ranking the skills will restore the Grandmaster status and its corresponding effect.

In order to be acknowledged as a Grandmaster, you will require the following:

Grandmaster Missions

For the list of Grandmaster Missions, see Grandmaster/Grandmaster Challenges.
  • Grandmaster Missions, sometimes referred as Grandmaster Challenges, are special quests players may be accepted once a talent has reached Master level.
    • In order to receive any Grandmaster Mission, talk to Lezzaro and select the "Grandmaster" option.
  • Grandmaster Missions are separated into three different categories.
  • You may only accept 1 mission per category, for a total of 3 per day.
    • Missions given out may be different everyday, and draw from a pool of possible quests.
  • Additional missions can be received for 300,000 Gold each or by using an Additional Grandmaster Mission Ticket.
    • These missions will always draw from the pool of the third missions.
  • The objective(s) will vary from talent to talent.
  • The task given from the category is random.
  • You may accept all three missions simultaneously. You also may complete them in any order. A File:GM Seal - Close Combat.png great seal will be rewarded for each mission completed.
  • You may use a Grandmaster Seal Bonus Ticket.png Grandmaster Seal Bonus Ticket in order to receive two Great Talent Seals instead of one.
    • The ticket must be used before completing the quest.
  • Obtaining the 10 seals required to achieve Grandmaster would take a minimum of 4 days to complete, provided all missions are completed each day, no additional missions are purchased and no extra reward bonuses are active.
  • Grandmaster Missions reset at 7:00am PST100.
    • If you have a quest from a previous day, you may complete it and receive another one on the same day.
      • You may also choose quests from a different talent.

Unique Effects

  • A player may only hold one Grandmaster talent's unique effects at a time. Ability Points may be spent to change which talent's unique effects are active.
Talent Unique Effect
Great Adventurer Seal.png
Exploration Experience +50%
Great Archer Seal.png
Bow & Crossbow Min + Max Damage +30
Great Battle Alchemist Seal.png
Battle Alchemy
Frozen Blast Duration +3 sec.
Frozen Blast Radius +10°
Wind, Earth Alchemy Mastery Damage +30
Great Carpenter Seal.png
Crafting Bonus when Crafting Weapons
Great Chain Slasher Seal.png
Chain Slash
Chain Slash Min + Max Damage +30
Great Warrior Seal.png
Close Combat
Melee Weapon Min + Max Damage +30
Great Chef Seal.png
Catering duration +600 sec.
Great Glyphwright Seal.png
Glyph Imprint Use Count +10
Glyph Design Shape Amount +10
Great Gunslinger Seal.png
Dual Guns Min + Max Damage +30
Great Cleric Seal.png
Holy Arts
Party Combat Exp +50%
Pet Combat Exp +50%
Great Knight Seal.png
Lance Combat
Lance Min + Max Damage +30
Talent Unique Effect
Great Mage Seal.png
Magic Attack +20
Great Fighter Seal.png
Martial Arts
Knuckles Min + Max Damage +30
Great Apothecary Seal.png
May receive an additional item when using Potion Making.
Great Merchant Seal.png
Commerce Weight Increase +100
Commerce Inventory Slot Increase +1
Great Bard Seal.png
Music Buff Effect +5%
Music Buff Duration +60 sec.
Great Ninja Seal.png
Shuriken Min + Max Damage +30
Great Pet Trainer Seal.png
Pet Training
May refund some materials when using Magic Craft or Hillwen Engineering.
Great Puppeteer's Seal.png
Marionette Health +365
Marionette Defense +5
Control Bar Min + Max Damage +30
Great Blacksmith Seal.png
Crafting Bonus when making weapons or equipment.
Great Tailor Seal.png
May refund some materials when using talent-related skills.
Great Construct Alchemist Seal.png
Synthesis,Fragmentation, Mana Crystallization Success Rate +10%
Mana, Stamina Usage Reduction, +15%


  • Grandmaster missions used to require you to start them with your character's active talent to be the talent you are trying to grandmaster. This is no longer required since the NEXT: New Beast Update.
  • Before the 2023 March Quality of Life Update, a message would be broadcasted when players reached their 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th Grandmaster talents. This was changed to only the 1st and 20th.