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For Talent information, see Talent.

Grandmaster Status

Banner for the Grandmaster Update.
  • Holding Grandmaster status allows you to equip the respective talent title along with the prefix "Grandmaster."
    • You will not lose the status upon switching to a different active talent.
  • Grandmaster talents provide a higher bonus than that of a level 15 talent, and in addition provides unique effects.
    • A player may only hold one Grandmaster talent's unique effects at a time. Ability Points may be spent to change which talent's unique effects are active.
  • Upon reaching Master (Level 15) in a talent and being cumulative level 10,000+, you will receive the quest, The Grandmaster's Path.
  • To become a Grandmaster, speak to Lezarro and take on his challenges.
    • Your active talent must be level 15 in order to accept his tasks.
      • You may attempt them again if you have already completed one challenge of the respective talent, regardless of your active talent.
        • Similarly, you can have any active talent when becoming a Grandmaster.
    • You can only attempt three missions per day. This counter reset at 6:00am PST100 everyday.
      • Additional missions can be received for 300,000 Gold each.
      • Missions given out may be different everyday.
    • Each completed mission provides a seal of the respective talent (2x2). You need at least 10 of these to become Grandmaster.
      • This would take a minimum of 4 days to complete, provided all missions are completed each day and no additional missions are purchased.
    • You also need a Gold Grandmaster Certificate, which Lezarro sells for 1,000,000 G.
  • When one becomes a Grandmaster, a message is broadcast over the server of that person's accomplishment.
  • Resetting skills that bring the talent status out of Grandmaster will remove its effects, however re-ranking the skills will restore the Grandmaster status and its corresponding effect.

Grandmaster Quest

The Grandmaster's Path
How to Get Quest

Reach Master level in a talent.

Briefing Once you've mastered a Talent, visit Duke Lezarro in Tara so he can recognize your achievement.
  • 20,000 Experience Points
Additional Information
  • You will receive a Waxen Wing of the Blue Goddess to Tara's Stonehenge upon receiving the quest.
  • You must be in the active talent with Master level to receive this quest.

Grandmaster Missions

For the list of Grandmaster Missions, see Grandmaster/Grandmaster Challenges.
  • Grandmaster Missions, sometimes referred as Grandmaster Challenges, are special quests players may be accepted once a talent has reached Master level.
    • In order to receive any Grandmaster Mission, talk to Lezzaro and select the "Grandmaster" option.
  • Grandmaster Missions are separated into three different categories.
    • You may only accept 1 mission per category.
    • The objective(s) will vary from talent to talent.
    • The task given from the category is random.
    • You may accept all three missions simultaneously. You also may complete them in any order.
  • Grandmaster Missions reset at 7:00am PST100.
    • If you have a quest from a previous day, you may complete it and receive another one on the same day.
  • All Grandmaster Missions reward 20,000 EXP and a Great Seal towards that talent.
  • You can only become a Grandmaster once every real life day resets at 7:00am PST100


  • Grandmaster missions used to require you to start them with your character's active talent to be the talent you are trying to grandmaster. This is no longer required since the NEXT: New Beast Update.