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Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold Event

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Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold Event Advertisement
For other events in this celebration, see A Snowy Preparation - Glenn Bearna Events.
July 13th, 2023 - August 10th, 2023


Check out our new and revamped events coming with the release of Glenn Bearna: The Midwinter Fissure Update! Earn EXP and several new rewards through the various training and collection events! [1]

Event Details

  • During the event, you will receive the guide quest, "[Guide] Bolder but Colder".
  • Talk to Snowbound Joe in the Dunbarton Town Square.
  • Register a main character with Snowbound Joe.
  • You can only register one character per account.
  • You will receive the following rewards after completing [Guide] Bolder but Colder:
  • The event resets daily at 7:00am PDT100.

Collect Toasty Tokens

  • Earn Toasty Tokens every day by logging in and clearing dungeons!
    • 10 Toasty Tokens will be given immediately upon logging in once a day.
    • Each time you clear a dungeon, you will receive Toasty Tokens.
      • The number of tokens rewarded varies depending on the difficulty of the dungeon.
      • Up to 50 coins can be obtained each day through clearing dungeons.
  • Each day, you will receive the quest, "[Event] Collect Toasty Tokens".
    • After collecting 50 tokens, 10 additional Toasty Tokens are rewarded as a bonus when completing the quest!
Dungeon Coin
Uladh Advanced 10
Uladh Hard Mode Advanced 20
Abyss Peaca, and Abyss Coill 20
Uladh Veteran 30
Rabbie Phantasm 40
Mag Mell Normal 15
Mag Mell Hard 40
Tech Duinn Normal 15
Tech Duinn Advanced 25
Tech Duinn Elite 40
Crom Bas (Dark Erg ~30) 30
Crom Bas (Dark Erg ~70) 40
Crom Bas (Dark Erg ~100) 50
Glenn Bearna Normal 40
Glenn Bearna Hard 50

Toasty Token Shop

  • Snowbound Joe has prepared warm gifts to overcome the bitter cold! To open up the Toasty Token Shop, talk to Joe about Purchasing Hot-and-Cold Items.
  • A list of items available for exchange will be presented. Select the item you wish to exchange your Toasty Tokens for, and it will be placed in your inventory.
  • Oddly, the shop is operated by a conversation menu, instead of a regular shop.
Item Name Purchase Limit / Notes Expires Toasty Token.png
Cost (Toasty Tokens)
Glenn Bearna Reward Key Coupon New! Use this coupon to receive Glenn Bearna rewards, even if the weekly limit has been reached. Coupon expires in 30 days from acquisition. 120
Glenn Bearna Bonus Lifeline Health Coupon New! Use this coupon before entering Glenn Bearna to grant yourself and your partner an additional 20% Lifeline Health. If your Lifeline Partner has also used a coupon, you will receive a total of 40% additional Lifeline Health. Coupon expires in 30 days from acquisition 70
Any Pass Selection Box A total of 8 can be purchased during the event period. Expires in 7 days. 100
Homestead Snowflower Garden New! - - 50
Combat 2x EXP Potion (30 min.) Not tradable. Expires in 7 days. 30
Guardian Soul Stone Not tradable. Expires in 7 days. 30
Speed Walk Potion 40% (30 min) (Not Tradable) Not tradable. Expires in 7 days. 30
Ice-Encrusted Bag (8x8) New! This is a normal item bag and only one can be in the inventory at one time. Make sure you have the inventory space for a 2x1 item in your main inventory before purchasing it, or make space in your bank to store it.
You cannot buy one if you already have one in your inventory.
- 100
Oncoming Frost Sequel Totem New! All-stats Sequel Totem that grants +50 to each stat. Expires in 60 Days. 150

Event Quests

[Guide] Bolder but Colder

How to Get Quest

Log in during the Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold Event.

Briefing Brrr... it's like the cold is just clinging to me!
Lemme tell you my bone-chilling story.
Additional Information

Snowbound Joe is located in Dunbarton opposite the town square.

Daily Quests

[Event] Collect Toasty Tokens

How to Get Quest

Register a character for the Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold Event.

Briefing Clear Dungeons and Missions to collect Toasty Tokens.
You can receive Toasty Tokens for all dungeons and missions that yield Smoldering Threads, as well as Uladh Advanced Dungeons.
* The number of Toasty Tokens received varies depending on the challenge level of the dungeon or mission cleared.