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Special Music Scroll

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Future content.png As of Generation 16, Season 2, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
For more information, see Magical Music#Rath Special Status Effects.
For the regular version, see Score Scroll.


Inventory icon of Special Music Scroll

1 × 2

A musical score that apparently has special magical effects. Perform music while holding this scroll to discover what the effects are. If the character playing the instrument does not have the required abilities, the effects will not materialize. Maintaining the effect takes so much concentration that the performances can only last a set duration. Use the Composition skill to compose the music you wish to perform.

Methods to Obtain

NPC Stores

All scrolls can only be bought from Briana in Tara.

Scroll Cost Uses
Days of Abundance 25,000 100
Seal of Time 36,000 100
Passions of Youth 40,000 100
Roar of the Battleground 58,000 100
Full Moon's Blessing 94,000 100
The Only Survivor 42,000 100
Body Guard, My First Love 42,000 100
Shadow Behind 61,000 100
Sharpened Blade 97,000 50