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For the Shadow Realm counterpart, see Tara (Shadow).
An overview of Tara.

Description and Geography

Map of Tara.
Tara, capital of the Aliech Kingdom.


Commerce Tara Icon.png
Tara is the Capital of the Aliech Kingdom of Uladh. It is also the biggest town in Uladh. The bell rings at 5:30am to signal the start of the day.

Similar to Taillteann, the town has quest boards that give out Shadow Missions but in two versions: Tara Shadow Missions and Tara Rath Castle Shadow Missions.

Tara houses within its city walls the Rath Royal Castle, where the Royal Castle Banquet occurs every Samhain.

Despite there being no proper grocery store, Lileas also stocks ingredients in her shop.



There used to be a Bookstore in the Erskin Emporium, manned by Buchanan. However, he closed up shop and the bookstore has been left vacant for a long time now.

Areas of interest


Animal/Crop/Monster Source
Resource Obtained From Location
Wool.png Wool Tara Sheep Fields (South Farmland)
Egg.png Egg Hen Fields (South Farmland)
Potato.png Potato Harvesting Fields (North Farmland)
Barley.png Barley Harvesting Fields (South Farmland)
Corn.png Corn Harvesting Fields (South Farmland)
Resource Obtained From Location
Berry.png Berry
Branches.png Branches
Berry Shrub Any tree
Resource Obtained From Location
Large Nail.png Large Nail
Small Gem.png Small Gem
Small Green Gem.png Small Blue Gem.png Small Red Gem.png Colored Small Gems
Hitting man-made objects



  • Alchemy Shop
  • Auction House
  • Bank
  • Weapon Shop
  • General Shop
  • Church
  • Grocery Store
  • Healer's House
  • Magic Shop
  • Receivable Quest Board (Stonehenge Headquarters, Town Square)
  • Shadow Mission Bulletin (Stonehenge Headquarters)
  • Housing Board (Town Square)
  • Trading Post


  • If one gives a certain Small Gems to Yellow-breasted Bunting, Pigeon, or Water Crow, they will give the player a random item. See Bird Gifts for a complete list.

Areas Connected


*This track was used in the Alpha build of the game, in a location that later became Dugald Aisle.

Track Title
Call of the Capital
City of Tara
Call of the Capital (Kor. Orchestra)
(Korean Symphony Orchestra Version)
City of Tara
Elegant Lady
Shops within the Erskin Emporium

Local NPCs


  • Tara's map used to include both Rath Royal Castle and the city itself.
  • Tara used to have more greenery.
    • These were split and toned down due to concerns about the map's size causing lag on entry.
  • The Bookstore, Gallery, and Wine Shop, which are all marked on Tara's minimap, currently have no purpose.
  • The pear trees in the southern plains do not drop anything, and might have been cut content, as pears do not exist in the game.
  • Tara's emblem is engraved on all Moon Gate and Mana Tunnel poles.
  • According to Pencast, the Rath Royal castle was built by the Neveds, with the Fomorians having a hand into its underground waterways.
  • The Royal Society Coin bears Tara's blason on it.
  • Many aristocratic families reside in Tara, some of which have been made known to players.
    • The Erskin family, mainly known for its associated Banking services, consists of Keith and his cousin Eluned.
      • In addition to the Banks, Erskin is also associated with the Fashion Contest Runway and the Erskin Emporium Shopping Center.
    • The Cinnsealach family consists of Llywelyn, Melwyn, and their parents.
    • The Deas family consists of Cowenna, her older sister, her older brother, and her parents.