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Portrait of Briana
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Royal Court Head Musician
Location [[Located in::Rath Royal Castle
(Music Room, Great Hall)]]

Track Song Performed by Mind


A young girl clings tightly to her musical sheets, as if they were her lifeline. Her lips constantly move, as she hums to herself new songs that spring into her mind.

Apparently, to get to the position she is now, she obtained a recommendation from Bishop Wyllow. Through him, she became the student of Leopold, the Tara Cathedral Music Director. She used to get scolded a lot by him, but that's how she got to the position she is in now. She also gets stage fright.

Briana sells mostly music books, instruments, and special magic scrolls.

  • One of each type of instrument (except for the Physis Tuba) in her shop is enchanted and sold at an increased price.
  • Only fifteen Magical Music Score Scrolls are sold per day.

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