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Step-By-Step Cooking Skill 101

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Step-By-Step Cooking Skill 101[1]
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With this book, anyone with a little bit of interest in cooking can learn the Cooking skill simply by following what's written in it. Written by Mochail. Read this book carefully to learn the Cooking skill.

Obtain From Alexina, Krug, or ask Glenis about Skills
Price 500
Tradability Untradable
Effects learn Cooking skill
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Crafted Into
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- Learn the Cooking Skill-

written by Muhail

1. Introduction

One of the greatest pleasures of life comes from cooking! If there was no variety in the food we eat, the world would be such a depressing place! Cooking brings us joy, happiness, and takes us beyond the boring routines of life...

Once you understand the joy of cooking, you begin to appreciate the unique taste of different cultures and region. You will also want to create your own masterpiece as well.

This book is precisely for those who are tired of buying the same food and want to experience cooking your own food.

2. Cooking & Cooking Skill

A fine meal is essentially something that is edible. You can't call something you can't eat as a meal. An excellent meal not only tastes fantastic but it is also good for your body. It will make you feel stronger, increasing your HP as well as Stamina.

So how do we make an excellent meal? Simply put, cooking is mixing a bunch of ingredients together. Thus, you have to find out the characteristics of each ingredient, and use the right amount when you mix them together. You can bring out the flavors through various cooking methods such as baking, frying, and broiling.

Book cooking practice01.jpg

To do all this, you need the Cooking skill. As your skill improves and your rank goes up, you can try more cooking methods. Do you have a pretty good idea on what the Cooking skill is? Good! Let's move on.

3. Cooking 101, Mixing.

Instead of only reading about it, the best way is to get your hands dirty. Shall we try making a simple meal? How about a Strawberry Milk? Strawberry Milk is easy to digest. The ingredients are easy to find and it's easy to make as well. The following are the ingredients that are needed to make it.

Ingredients : Strawberry, Milk, Sugar

Book cooking practice02.jpg

Strawberry : To get strawberries, you need to first find a Grocery Store. You can easily purchase it from any Grocery Store or Restaurant.

Milk : The best way to get milk is to milk it directly from a cow. You will first need to get an empty bottle from the General Shop. Then, go find a Milk Cow and you should be able to easily milk the cow and get some milk.

Sugar : Mixing strawberries and milk alone will make a delicious Strawberry Milk. However, if the strawberries are a little bit sour, or if you just want the Strawberry Milk to be sweeter, you can simply add some Sugar. You can find Sugar at the Grocery Store or the Restaurant as well.

I forgot to mention one thing. Before you cook, you need to have the proper tools. Making Strawberry Milk uses the Mixing method, so you will need the right tools for that.

Cooking Tools : Kitchen Knife, Table

Book cooking practice03.jpg

Once you have the ingredients and the tools, you are ready to cook. Then, let's begin! Once you've read this book, press [S] and obtain the Cooking skill.

Equip the Cooking Tools in your hands, and use the Cooking skill. A window will show up where you can choose the ingredients and the cooking method.

After choosing "Mixing" as your cooking method, place the ingredients in the window one at a time. Make the Ratio of Strawberry to Milkas 40, to 50. If you have remaining spaces, you can fill it up with sugar.

After you have placed all the ingredients, click on Begin Cooking and you will start cooking! If you change your mind and want to make something else, you can cancel and re-insert ingredients.

The ratio I gave you above is only one example. You will have to find the right ratio for other meals through trial and error. The most important thing in making an excellent meal is the ratio of the ingredients. In the case of Strawberry Milk, you want a perfect blend of strawberries and milk and not have one or the other overpower each other.

After you go through this process, your Strawberry Milk should be ready. You can find the finished product in your Inventory.

If you want to become an advanced chef, it doesn't end here. You need to constantly test out different ratios and mixture of the ingredients. A great chef doesn't simply cook, but remembers the ingredients and the ratio of each dish he or she creates.

You can apply what you've learned here with any other meal you create in the future and advance your Cooking skill.

4. Seasoning

Sometimes, after creating your dish, you will notice that something is missing. Maybe you want it to be more saltier, sweeter, or just more flavorful...This is when seasoning such as Salt, Pepper and Sugar come in handy. When you are mixing the ingredients, try adding a little bit of seasoning. But not too much. Your dishes will become more flavorful and tasty. Even if it's not mentioned in the recipe, use your common sense and add your own special touch.

5. Conclusion

So, we just went over the Cooking skill and made a simple dish with step by step instructions. I hope that this book will serve as a stepping stone for many future great chefs!