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Sulfur Spiders of the Shadow Realm

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  • Defeat the monsters spawning at 7 locations throughout the castle.
  • In the Dining Room, all Sulfur Spiders in the current wave must be defeated to trigger the next wave. There are five waves.
    • 16 spiders spawn within each wave and aggro instantly with a radius exceeding the width of the area, making this room difficult.
    • When all the switches in the ring are hit, the current wave of spiders will stop spawning. However, due to the large amount of switches and how fast the spiders spawn, it's almost impossible to hit them all before the full wave finishes appearing.
    • Corrupt Alchemists and Sulfur Spiders will battle each other in this room. The Corrupt Alchemists and their Stone Golems will not aggro players unless attacked first.
      • It is recommended to leave them alive as attack targets for the Sulfur Spiders that spawn.
    • An Ice Spear team is most effective and best done at the South East corner of the Dining Room.
      • A team of four or more people can hold back the Spiders.
    • A Flame Burst team of at least two players alternating will also be able to keep a wave of spiders from moving from their spawn point.
  • After they are defeated, go to the deepest part of the castle to find the boss.
  • The first part will consist mostly of Small Sulfur Spiders and a higher HP variant of Corrupt Alchemists; after the Dining Hall, all spawns will consist of various types of Sulfur Spiders.

Mission Information

  • Quest Board Location: Tara
  • Party Size: 1~8
  • Time Limit: 1 Hour


The enemy's location is marked in blue, yellow, and purple.

Sulfur Spider of the Shadow World Shadow Mission Map.jpg


Monster Spawn Patterns