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For the enchant, see Rank 5 Enchants#Swallow.


A skill where you can swallow low HP monsters and turn it into a statue. If you have gold, silver, or copper plate, the statue will be of that matching color. You can use the Swallow skill on a monster regardless of the skill it is using, however, it takes a lot of energy and takes long to charge so you should be aware of that.


  • Swallow is a unique active ability for Antique Mimics and Wooden Mimics which lets them swallow an enemy and turn them into a fixed statue.
  • The pose of the swallowed monster will be random.
  • Having a Copper, Silver or Gold Plate in your Mimic's inventory will make the statue's color result correspond with the plate.
  • Swallow uses 12 MP.
  • Only certain monsters can be swallowed. Look below for a list of monsters that can be swallowed.
  • The target of Swallow must be VERY close to Deadly or in deadly.
  • Swallow completely ignores the opponent's defensive skills, including Defense and Counterattack.
  • Swallowed enemies do not produce experience.
  • To use swallow when playing as a humanoid character, first the pet must be targeting the desired swallowed monster. Then, the player commands the pet to swallow.
    • Preparing swallow before targeting the monster will result in the pet not swallowing the target.
  • To use swallow when playing as the pet, simply prepare swallow and select the target.

Pets with the Skill

Monsters that can be swallowed

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