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Talk:Dungeon Altar

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Considering on making the page...219:24, 15 October 2012
Picture needed115:03, 19 July 2012

Considering on making the page...

but I want to run this through the community first. good idea or no? Considering dungeon altars have a multitude of appearences (From the Goddess Statue to...some cube looking thing...) I'd thought it might be a good idea. Not to mention there's a role in G3 in where you must restore the broken ones and the latter (Actually I'm rather rusty on g3...). Also there seems to be an update with the statues to where clicking on them brings up a menu of your inventory. Items highlighted in Yellow cannot be offered to the statue.

S•A•R•I•A05:47, 19 July 2012

Ehh I'ma go ahead and make the page...and I guess we'll go from there?

S•A•R•I•A08:57, 19 July 2012

I didn't even know this page existed until today.
Special:WhatLinksHere/Dungeon Altar
At the time of making this post, the only links to this page are a redirect, the Baol Dungeon page, and the death page. Maybe we should add this to the front page newmenu or the other dungeon pages.
What do you suggest, Lexis?

Pyro - (Talk)19:24, 15 October 2012

Picture needed

Can someone upload a picture of a dungeon altar at the least? I would, but I'm on a tight schedule. Thank you.

Naokochii14:29, 19 July 2012

Recycled pictures we already have on dungeon pages.

--Aramet (Talk)15:03, 19 July 2012