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Talk:Enchanted Thread

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Alleged Name Change1120:21, 19 September 2016

Alleged Name Change

Do you have any proof of this? Because I've just been through the entire item database and the localization database and there is no item called enchanted thread. Not in korean, not in the engrish translation, and not in the Nexon NA translation.

Hubertus (talk)13:57, 18 September 2016

From the 235 patch: <Mabi_Item ID="64638" DB_StoreType="2" Category="/item/Magical_Golden_Yarn/" Text_Name0="Magical Golden Yarn" Text_Name1="_LT[xml.itemdb.56940]" Text_Desc1="_LT[xml.itemdb.56951]" File_FieldMesh="item_newbox01_i" File_InvImage="item_gold_witchcraft_thread" The Text_Name1 field determines the NA name, and the Text_Desc1 is the NA description. Looking at the localization database, we see: 56940 Magical Golden Thread 56951 A magical golden thread that can contain vast amounts of energy.\nUse it as a crafting material or fragment it.

So from what I can tell, the name wasn't changed

Hubertus (talk)14:01, 18 September 2016

I'm looking at the latest localization file in patch 235. Your website won't load, so I can't see what it has to say about this, but in general the game's own code trumps external sources. Though if the game code doesn't convince you, I am looking directly at the item in question, sitting in my inventory, and it's still called Magical Golden Thread, so that should put this argument to rest.

Hubertus (talk)12:31, 19 September 2016

Uhhhh... any chance there are just two items that look the same/have the same desc??? o___O;

Elide (talk)12:36, 19 September 2016

That can happen, but for there to exist an item called "Enchanted Thread" there has to be a line, somewhere in the localization files (in 235\data\local\xml) that says "Enchanted Thread". There isn't, so there can be no item that exists with that name. In a future version, perhaps, but not currently.

To cover the bases, I searched itemdb.english.txt for the term "enchanted". There were quite a few results, but 0 results were item names, they were all item descriptions. Further, none of the descriptions had anything to do with the robes (They were all mostly about enchanting and enchant burning)

Hubertus (talk)12:47, 19 September 2016

I had a Magical Golden Thread [Type 2] in My inventory since I've been gathering them to craft myself a Robe. When I looked over my materials Yesterday [Sep.18] I realized the name had changed for the Thread. Its Now the Enchanted Thread with a similar description.

Back in the 1st week of the Dungeon Revamp I pointed out the Shared Name of the Magical Golden Thread on the Forums, and Sabina replied saying she'll send in a report for it. So My guess she got the name changed with the Candy Island Update.

Rustyqrow (talk)13:47, 19 September 2016
Hubertus (talk)18:29, 19 September 2016

Well sorry to inform you, but everyone on Ruairi who's gotten the 'Magical Golden Thread-Type 2' has found out that its name is now Enchanted Thread.

Enchanted Thread

Rustyqrow (talk)19:03, 19 September 2016

...Well, hey, any weird chance that one Server would have it renamed, but not the other? Or what about Steam version, etc?

I mean - we can always change the name later, or just wait a bit for the item to become more common, since something weird might be going on with it. It is Nexon - they do weird things @_@

Elide (talk)19:32, 19 September 2016

Well, I just did some tests with a few friends, and while most of them still see it as Magical Golden Thread, one of them sees Enchanted Thread. It's wierd, since some are using mods, and some are not, which seems to have no bearing.

It's possible that the change doesn't take effect unless you close the client; most of us haven't logged out of the game since a few days ago, but the one guy who sees enchanted thread logged in only just now.

Hubertus (talk)20:06, 19 September 2016

Then there's your Answer. Restart your clients. and take a Look at the Thread then. Lol

Rustyqrow (talk)20:21, 19 September 2016