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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Updating of listy lists309:47, 29 June 2017
Rusty Hammer of Durability?116:03, 24 June 2017
Freestyle Jam400:06, 27 December 2016
Wow!317:18, 20 December 2016
Festia Page114:25, 15 November 2016
Sweet Gift Box211:19, 21 September 2016
Confused200:23, 8 April 2016
Garlic Bread119:51, 8 May 2014
"Trying to load the cleaned up version... halp orz"005:25, 3 May 2014

Updating of listy lists

Saw your userpage a few days ago and noticed you're trying to keep a few things updated, so I thought I'd give you a hand in that regard:

Of course, this didn't come without inconsistencies...

  • Unisex Clothing List has a section for Character Card outfits, the other 2 lists do not.
    • This section is also not separated by race.
  • Clothing List (Male) had most of it's Newbie Wears already listed, whereas Clothing List (Female) did not.
    • All this makes me wonder where newbie/character card stuff is even supposed to go.
  • We should consider changing the name of Unisex Clothing List to Clothing List (Unisex) to make it conform with the other two.

Also, I don't know if there's a fix for the Mouseoverbox Equipped Front image on these lists, it was designed that way because people normally shouldn't be naming these images themselves. I might just go around and fix them all manually though.

I'll continue working on the other lists, just remember to add new stuff to them whenever you make a page for a new outfit~

Snowie (talk)06:40, 28 June 2017

Thank you for all that you do :D

Inconsistencies are inevitable with a Wiki - er, I'm even guilty of it, since I can be indecisive >.>; (e.g. Designer Set pages /o/)

  • There was a time, I guess, where separating the Character Card outfits from the normal ones made sense, but I think that time has passed. So might as well just list them with the rest of the clothing.
    • Also, changing the name of the Unisex Clothing List makes perfect sense ^^
  • Mouseover boxes have confused me. I just had noticed that Unisex clothing/equipment image previews (e.g. Valencia's Cross Line Plate Boots on the Shoes List) wouldn't display on the List page, since the file names don't match the "Item Name Equipped Front.png" format (and are instead "Item Name Equipped Male Front.png" or "Item Name Equipped Female Front.png") Don't really want separate pages for the same item just because that item looks different on males or females o.O;
  • Organization is hard @_@
Elide (talk)13:45, 28 June 2017

Well, I tried to make the list pages support multiple name formats but it just ended up being too much to bear (Too many expensive parser functions), there are just too many variations right now. The best way to fix this problem would probably mean changing all items to have "Equipped Front" at the end rather than some jumbled version of it. (e.g. Equipped Male Front Hood Up).

(There's actually a little mistake in the code I put, but it would have ended up with the same result either way.)

Unfortunately, a solution like that wouldn't last long when someone eventually decides to make a Tail List page.

Snowie (talk)02:27, 29 June 2017

Yeah - sometimes things are just too unwieldy to be practical x_x

That being said... would it be simpler/practical just to make, like, an EquipListUnisex template to use on the Unisex Clothing page? Or would just the coding in general be too bulky? There are many backgrounds functions that I'm not aware of, so I'm never really sure how much trouble something is to do @_@;;;

Either way, thank you again for all your work! orz

Elide (talk)09:47, 29 June 2017

Rusty Hammer of Durability?

Just got it confirmed from a guild member, he got a Rusty Hammer of Proficiency from the gacha xD Fixed it! Nexon really needs to proofread sometimes...

Heona (talk)15:12, 24 June 2017

Aha! Thank you ^___^

Elide (talk)16:03, 24 June 2017

Freestyle Jam

I looked around and it looks like you're one of the most active users here, so I thought I should also talk to you about adding in the Freestyle Jam stuff from all these new updates. I can probably get all the information for it (like how to obtain the skill, the quest info, the different effects you get from jamming in different places, blessing of cairbre etc.) but I need some guidance on how to make the pages themselves. I could copy and paste code and just edit it from there...but since I would be completely adding in a new section I'm nervous I'll screw something up. x.x

Heona (talk)16:57, 24 December 2016

Where / what section were you thinking of adding in the Freestyle Jam?

Also, your personal userpage is a good place to preview code without actually making a new page. Doesn't always work, since some things require templates and all that, but for some stuff it's a good way to preview, save, and go back to editing it later ^^;

Elide (talk)18:07, 24 December 2016

Oh, that sounds good! :D I was thinking of adding Freestyle Jam in the Actions page, underneath Jam Session or Chorus. Since there's a lot of information to do with Freestyle Jam, I was also wondering if it would be a good idea to make a whole new page listing all the effects/buffs you can get from it.

Heona (talk)22:43, 24 December 2016

Hm, or maybe just a Hidden Text area that viewers can open to see more detailed information on it? Would that work or no? I admit I've not explored Freestyle Jam that much at this time xD;

Elide (talk)12:31, 26 December 2016

I've added the hidden text under Freestyle Jam in Actions, what are your thoughts on it? The images definitely could be's hard to get a good picture though. Also the missing pictures will be added later~ I don't own those pets/minigems. x.x

Heona (talk)00:02, 27 December 2016

You know- I must admit I have been super lazy with wiki editing since I work and sleep more than I am able to have me time...

But going around and browsing and seeing your name around for uploads and contributing, I wanted to let you know you are super appreciated! I checked out the Wishbone Exchange/Bug Harvest event page and just overall around here- you're doing a wonderful job! Thanks so much for keeping things alive! <3

Hi, I'm Anemki! St. John's Wort.png talkcontributions23:56, 26 November 2016

Aw, thank you! It's nice to know I haven't destroyed anything too much, yet! Credit really goes to all the previous contributors and admins, since they set everything up so that with just looking at previous pages and examples, even non-programmers like me can figure out how to edit/create/format pages et al (well, with some trial and error - yay Preview pages!) xD;

Elide (talk)18:03, 27 November 2016

You're quite welcome! We all need to start somewhere of course! And rest assured that there are others who fix small typos and mistakes anyway, so don't get too too worried about it. We all look out for each other. (:

Hi, I'm Anemki! St. John's Wort.png talkcontributions12:36, 3 December 2016

I may not be an Admin and a little late, but I really appreciate seeing you keeping the wiki going for months.

Willi096 (talk)17:18, 20 December 2016

Festia Page

I have most of the info for Festia (announcement info) in my userpage if you have the time could you please check it out and make the Festia page ?

Thank you !!!

Otusan (talk)14:06, 15 November 2016

Sure, no problem! Thank you for working on all that! ^^

Elide (talk)14:25, 15 November 2016

Sweet Gift Box

Hey there! I noticed you did a cool thing on the Cookie Island event page, where you managed to collapse the entire reward list by using {{:Sweet Gift Box}}. How does that work, exactly? I wanted to do something similar with the sugar coin box, but since I could figure out how to import the reward list I made a redirect from the sweet coin box page to the cookie island page instead.

Hubertus (talk)21:21, 20 September 2016

I - typically just kinda copy what I see xD;

Um, ok, so, on the Sugar Coin Box page, anything you want to have appear on the Cookie Island page you have to put between <onlyinclude> </onlyinclude> So on the Sweet Gift Box page, I basically put the rewards list between the onlyinclude code. So if someone edits the reward list on the Event page, it really actually edits the reward list on the original item page. Hope that makes sense. Uh - yeah, be amazed at how technical I am xD;;;

Elide (talk)09:18, 21 September 2016

Oh, I think I see it now! The {{:Sweet Gift Box}} includes all the data from the Sweet Gift Box page, with the colon bypassing the usual Template: that seems to be the default by leaving the space before the colon blank. Then, since you used <onlyinclude> </onlyinclude>, only that section will be included (I always wondered why the devil we used onlyinclude and noinclude)! That's quite clever, thanks!

Hubertus (talk)11:19, 21 September 2016

Why did you undo my revision to the harp page? The size of the item is a valid piece of information that someone might need to know.

Staelus (talk)15:44, 7 April 2016

Because that information is already on the page, right under the icon ^^;

Elide (talk)19:29, 7 April 2016

-Goes and looks-
-Feels dumb-
Lesson learned, don't wiki edit when tired...

Staelus (talk)00:23, 8 April 2016

Garlic Bread

Actually, it seems like the wiki had the description flipped the entire time; the description of the item hasn't changed in-game.

Ikkisuki (talk)19:49, 8 May 2014

Can't always fight the dyslexia D:

Elide (talk)19:51, 8 May 2014

"Trying to load the cleaned up version... halp orz"

Just reload the page next time.

Nise Panda (talk)05:25, 3 May 2014