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Template:DataSoluna Blade

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{{{{{1}}} |Name=Soluna Blade |Desc=A mighty two-handed sword that possesses the power of the sun and moon. It burns with the fires of the sun during the day and glows with the radiance of the moon at night. This blade brings glory to its wielder and ruin to its enemies. |Category=/equip/twohand/weapon/edged/steel/blade/smith_repairable/piercing/not_ego/not_partner_feed/sun_and_moon_sword/weapontype_combat/no_scale/

|hitsound=sword |splash_radius=300 |splash_angle=150 |splash_damage=0.9 |stamina_usage=1.5 |enhance_type_s=203 |enhance_type_r=303 |lance_piercing=1 |effect_hit_day=combat_hit(day) |effect_hit_night=combat_hit(night) |effect_critical_day=combat_hit_critical(day) |effect_critical_night=combat_hit_critical(night)

|BuyPrice=200000 |Tradability=0 |Width=2 |Height=4 |Color1=5 |Color2=5 |Color3=5 |CanReforge=true |CanEnchant=true |AttackSpeed=2 |DownHitCount=1 |Range=0 |MinDamage=150 |MaxDamage=260 |MinInjury=40 |MaxInjury=65 |Critical=75 |Balance=85 |Durability=40000 |Upgrades=5 |GemUpgrades=1 |SpecialUpgrade=y |Spirit=n |Information=*Has unique attack effects depending on if it's day or night in-game.

|Resell= |Repair90= |Repair93= |Repair95= |Repair96= |Repair97= |Repair98= |ObtainList=

|Method=Blacksmithing |ProductionExp=200000 |ManualRank=1 |ManualLoc=Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon |ManualCost= |RecipePerTry=Solite x 100
Lunite x 100
Fate Fragment x 50
Dawnblade x 1
Duskblade x 1
|RecipeFinish=Ladeca Blue Upgrade Stone x 5
Eweca Red Upgrade Stone x 5
|CraftPercent=100 |Recipe= }}