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Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon

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Banner for Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon.
An unholy dungeon, filled with the greatest threats Erinn has ever seen. Venture within, seek out the dark queen that rules its depths... and pray you can make it out alive.


—Rabbie Phantasm launch page

General Information

The first floor.
The second floor.

Obtaining the Pass

  • Players can craft both versions of the passes using the Handicraft skill.
    • Both passes require a Mangled Rabbie Dungeon Pass, which can be found in any Hard Mode Advanced dungeons, and Rabbie Advanced.
    • In addition, the passes require several Restorative Potions, the Mirror pass requires 5, while the normal pass requires 15.
    • Both Mangled Rabbie Dungeon Passes and the crafted passes last seven days.
  • Upon reaching total level 3,000, the players are given the quest, A Reflective Reception, which provides 2 Rabbie Mirror Phantasm Passes.
    • When the quest is cleared, the player will receive EXP and 2 additional Rabbie Mirror Phantasm Passes.
  • Upon reaching total level 7,000, the players are given the quest, A Dreamy Story, which provides 3 Rabbie Phantasm Passes.
    • If multiple players in the party require dungeon runs for this quest, only the party leader at dungeon completion will progress in their quest.
    • When the quest is cleared, the player will receive 2 Protective Blue or Red Upgrade Stones and 2 Rabbie Phantasm Passes.
  • These passes can only be obtained once and also last seven days.

Dungeon Information

  • The dungeon consists of two floors.
  • Most negative status effects do not apply to monsters within the dungeon.
  • Meteor Strike cannot be used through walls within the dungeon.
  • A common monster within the dungeon, the Wraith will emit a roar upon spawn, stunning all players briefly. In addition, the roar will apply a debuff that will desummon any pets in the vicinity and prevent further pet summons until the Wraith is defeated. This may be preemptively dealt with by mounting your pet or using an invincibility frame to dodge the roar.

Normal/Mirror World Discrepancies

  • In normal Phantasm, players cannot use Nao Stones, Advanced Feathers, or Balloons to revive, limiting them to only regular Phoenix feathers, party feathers, Pet First-Aid Kits, and Flame of Resurrection.
  • Normal rooms will spawn six monsters on the first wave, whereas only four spawn in the Mirror.
  • On the second floor, 30 Wraiths must be killed within the allotted time in normal while mirror requires 20 to be slain.
  • The Succubus Queen will spawn with a four Succubus Fiends on normal difficulty. However, in Mirror, there will only be two Succubus Fiends. Both difficulties have one wraith spawn alongside.


Room Types

The First Floor

Contains 14 rooms and 2 hallways. Out of the 14, 10 are normal spawn rooms, 2 are gargoyle rooms, 1 is a orb room(4-point), and the last is a circular orb room. The dungeon layout is the same throughout all instances of the dungeon, however the placement of the gargoyle, 4-point and circular rooms will change each run.

  • Rooms(1-9) will have a spawn of 1 wave prior to the second hallway. After the 9th room, rooms 10 through 14 will become 2 waves.
    • Wave 2 spawns will always include at least 1 wraith spawn, making the need to avoid the wraith roar absolutely necessary.

Torch Room(4-Point)

  • The objective is to hit the the right orb that will unlock the door.
  • Failure to select the correct one will result in triggering a randomized spawn.
  • Equipping a Support Puppet such as the Counseling Program Yui, Saber Support Puppet, or Great Spirit Puck Support Puppet will reveal the correct orb.
    • You must hit the orb once before the sparkle appears. Be careful with pets as they automatically strike the orb again if not instructed to sit or stay.

Torch Room(Circular)

  • The objective is to deactivate all 12 orbs as they light up, similar to the white orb circle rooms in The Other Alchemists.
  • Orbs will rapidly switch between on and off.
  • The best strategy to dealing with this room is to have each party member pick their own set of 3 orbs to hit and do not chase them around.
    • Have everyone either Divine Link their pet and sit it down in the middle of the circle or use a mounted combat pet(i.e Scooter, Dragons) to rapidly hit orbs.
    • Additionally, having a party member cast an Elemental Wave enhanced Shock on a linked pet will keep the mobs in the middle stunlocked long enough to deactivate the orbs without any harassment.
  • Hitting the first orb to start the room will spawn 2 Succubus Fiends, 1 Black Heavy Skeleton Armor Ogre, and 3 Black Armored Skeletons.
    • These monsters will only respawn if they are killed before all the orbs are deactivated.

Gargoyle Room

  • Contains 4 dormant stone gargoyles, each sitting atop a pedestal. Activating the room will cause them to spawn.
  • The objective is to slay each gargoyle before they can return to their pedestal to recover.
    • At 80% HP, the gargoyle will attempt to flee back to its pedestal to heal.
      • Only its health will recover, not wounds.
    • It is highly recommended to knockback the gargoyle with either Firebolt, Wind Blast or Smash before engaging.
    • Final Hit, Way of the Gun, Bash, and Firebolt are all reliable DPS options to keep the gargoyles pinned against the walls.
    • Destroying the pedestal using any attack will prevent the Gargoyles from recovering their HP.

Hallway(First Floor)

  • The large hallways between rooms 7/8 and 9/10 contain 3 Wraiths spread out between the beginning, middle and end of the halls.
    • Hidden along the pathway are small patches of white smoke. Stepping over a patch will trigger an additional wraith to spawn along with its roar.
  • You must defeat all the Wraiths spawned, including spawns from the smoke, to proceed.

The Second Floor

The second floor has three rooms. A Wraith infested hallway, Skelemancer room, and the Succubus Queen's boss room.

The Hallway(Second floor)

  • Upon activating the torch, players are given a time limit to defeat 30 wraiths.
    • If the party fails to eliminate all the wraiths, the remaining mobs will despawn and the players must attempt it again.
    • The first attempt grants 2 minutes. The second attempt lasts 5 minutes. The third attempt and any after will be left with 10 minutes.
  • There are 2 phases, Light and Dark. In light, wraiths have normal stats and can be killed by conventional means. However when darkness phase hits, Wraiths gain a huge increase in damage along with Advanced Heavy Stander.
  • Phantasm Wisps will periodically spawn around the entrance to the hall. These wisps are relatively weak(5k HP on Mirror, 10k HP on Normal) and upon death will drop a Flashbang.
    • Using the Flashbang will deal massive damage to surrounding enemies, it is highly recommended to use these to defeat the Wraiths.
      • Can also be used by pressing the 'B' key.
      • Will be removed from every player's inventory at the beginning and end of each round.
  • The most commonly used tactic is to have 1 person focus on farming flashbangs so that the party may deliberately fail the first round. Before the round ends, the farmer must drop all their flashbangs onto the ground. While the farmer is gathering flashbangs, two other players will act as crowd control, either using Sand Burst, or killing the wraiths for safety. The last player will remain just outside the stairwell, safe from danger, in case the 3 players inside the hallway are overrun.
    • The player can log out (not change channel) to the character select screen to instantly drop every flashbang within their inventory, then log back in to rejoin the dungeon.
    • Only flashbangs within each player's inventory will vanish.
    • Players must pick the flashbangs up only after the orb to start the second round is hit.


  • Spawns include two Skelemancers and one Wraith.
    • Defeating the Wraith will cause another Wraith to respawn.
      • It is not required to defeat the Wraith in order to proceed to the final room.
    • Upon defeating one of the Skelemancers, the other will begin casting a revival spell. The spell takes 30 seconds in order to finish. If the players fail to defeat the second Skelemancer before the channel finishes, both Skelemancers will respawn with full health.
      • It is recommended to whittle Skelemancer's HP down to around 10% and then switch targets and focus on the other until it's low enough to kill.
      • Alternatively, if a Skelemancer is currently blinded by Sand Burst when the other one dies, the remaining one will not cast its revival spell, and can be killed freely.
  • The Skelemancers have a special counter attack that can occur randomly; melee attacks are not recommended without adequate protection.
  • Use Sand Burst to pacify the Wraith and Skelemancer in order to focus damage onto one target at a time.
  • Players sitting outside of the room will be forcefully teleported into the room after a few seconds.

The Succubus Queen

  • The Succubus Queen will spawn along with two Succubus Fiends and a Wraith.
    • Defeating the Wraith here will cause another to respawn.
    • Killing Fiends will trigger the Queen to summon more.
      • Exception: You are allowed to kill 1 Fiend only on normal Phantasm and she will not resummon another.
  • Every single one of the Queen's attacks with the exception of magic applies a debuff called Safeguard.
    • Each level of Safeguard will inflict a percentage damage reduction on you against the queen.
    • Stacks up to 3 times(Level 1 is 25%, level 2 is 50%, level 3 is 90%).
    • Wears off at a rate of 1 stack per 1 minute. This timer is reset if the debuff is reapplied.
    • The level of debuff can be seen if the player hovers their cursor over the icon that appears on their character.
  • The Succubus Queen has a wide array of attacks and abilities.
    • Innate Chain Casting for Thunder, Ice Spear, and Fireball. In addition, she also has her version of Snap Cast which has no cooldown.
      • She often uses Ice Spear to the player closest to her, while using either Thunder and Fireball more frequently.
    • Smash
      • Her attack is similar to Butterfly Dash in which she gestures with her hand before the assault. Once she has a hold of the player they are subjected to be hit twice.
    • Fire Spin
      • Receives an invincibility frame of 0.8 seconds before teleporting to a random location. Upon landing, casts 8 slow moving fireballs in all directions.
      • The player will not see the balls created from Flame Spin if they have Mini Effects checked.
    • Butterfly Dash
      • Signals briefly with her hand in a target direction before launching herself across the field in a linear path.
    • Sweet Illusion
      • Instantly roots 3 random party members and knocks down 1. The queen will teleport to the knocked down player and separate the soul from their body while gaining a 30-hit shield around herself. All minions will disengage and run back to the Queen.
        • Cancels all active Final Hits but does not cancel Way of the Gun.
        • The souled player must use a rapid attacking ability like Way of the Gun with Dowras or Fast Attack Speed dual wield weapons. Must start attacking before the screen flashes white or they will not make it.
        • If the souled player is not afflicted by the Wraith's roar debuff, pet spamming on the Queen while she's in soul phase has a slight chance to knock her out of it.
      • Failure to deplete the bar before your soul reaches the Queen will result in every party member receiving a large amount of damage and be knocked back. The souled player will receive an instant 3 stacks of Safeguard. In addition, the Queen will also heal 20% of her HP back with the exception of wounds.
      • Successfully canceling Sweet Illusion by attacking enough times will cause the Succubus Queen to use Smash. If the player critically Counterattacks, the Succubus Queen will lose a layer of clothing. This effect can be repeated twice.
        • The version of the Succubus Queen's outfit that can rarely drop from the Phantasm version's end chest will be determined by the state of the Queen's own outfit.
    • Queen's Meteor
      • The Queen lifts off into the area and targets a wide area of the room. After a brief delay, she showers the select area with a barrage of meteors.
      • Each meteor will apply 1 stack of Safeguard.
      • The easiest way to avoid this attack is to head to the opposite side of the room. It also helps to stand near the edges of the room and move in a small, circular fashion.
      • Though the player can attack her with Ignis Plume and Terra Scourge, those skills will have no affect on her nor damage her in this state.

Rabbie Phantasm Mirror Dungeon Rewards

Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon Rewards



  • The Wraith's Phantom Roar can be avoided if the player uses skills that give invincibility (Throw Paper Airplane, Transformation, Demigod, Personas, Divine Link, etc.) or by remaining mounted on a pet while the Wraith roars. If the second method is used, the player's pet will still be desummoned, but the player will not be stunned by the Wraith or take the debuff, allowing them to summon pets as normal.
    • However, the Wraith can still use the Phantom Roar again if left alive long enough, so use caution.
  • One of the best skills in Rabbie Phantasm is Sand Burst, which prevents the target from attacking for a while. The player can permanently reapply Sand Burst, but the player needs to wait until the immunity period of Sand Burst wears off(around 20 seconds after applying).
  • Divine Link is important to deflecting aggro to your pet when there is a lack of a dedicated sand burster on the team.
  • Since so many of the monsters have Fireball, it is recommended that the player equips all nine items (including a robe) and enchants them with all Fire Elementals to take only 1 damage from Fireballs.
    • Be wary of some of the Succubi's Ice Spear due to having a disadvantageous type matchup.
  • Play Dead does not work in Rabbie Phantasm, as the monsters will simply ignore it.

The Second Floor Hallway

The Skelemancers

  • Using Divine Link and commanding your pet to attack the same target will help take some pressure off of you and your party as well as buff your own stats.
  • Remember to kill both of the Skelemancers within 30 seconds of each other, or else the Skelemancers will revive with full HP and forcing the party to kill them again.
  • Interestingly, if a Skelemancer is killed while the other Skelemancer is under the effects of Sand Burst, the Skelemancer will not begin reviving the one, thus making the fight much easier.

The Succubus Queen

  • A Shocked or Demigod Brionac and Final Hit allow the party to lower the Protection of the Queen fairly quickly.
  • Have 1 player Sand Burst the Fiends and Wraith over and over to keep them from attacking the rest of the group that is dealing damage to the Queen.
  • Manage the Safeguard levels carefully. If the player is currently afflicted by level 2 or 3 Safeguard, move away from the Queen and dodge further attacks until the debuff wears off.

Solo Techniques

  • Crystal Deer's Pet Hide is extremely strong, as the pet doesn't get locked out of using Pet Hide unless it hits something with the summon effect.
    • If the player happens to be an Elf, the player can begin to aim with a bow while mounted on top of the Crystal Deer, then use Pet Hide to remain hidden while continuing to aim, cancel Pet Hide, unleash the ranged skill, then return back to Pet Hide. The player may repeat this process over and over again.
  • Shadow Cloak is a good skill to use when running Phantasm solo to drop all aggro for a few seconds and allowing the player to re-position themselves.


The Queenslayer

Obtained by dealing the finishing blow on the Succubus Queen in either difficulty.

  • Max Attack +10
  • Magic Attack +20
  • Stamina +20

Black Rose Follower

Obtained upon being knocked unconscious by the Succubus Queen's Sweet Illusion, reviving, and then dying immediately after.

  • Max Attack +6
  • Crit +2
  • Max HP +12
  • STR +5
  • Magic Attack +7

The Black Rose Master

Obtained by clearing Rabbie Phantasm.

  • Max Attack +15
  • Crit +8
  • Max HP +30
  • STR +15
  • Magic Attack +15

Phantasm Breaker

Obtained upon successfully clearing Rabbie Phantasm alone.

  • Max Attack +13
  • Magic Attack +35
  • Max Stamina +45
  • Max Mana +40
  • Will +25
  • Protection +2
  • Magic Protection +4